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I’ve found a new author!

This is the first one of the series I just thought that I would let you all know about a fabulous new author that I have recently discovered.  His name is Simon Beckett and his novels are right up my street. His main character is a forensics expert who although following a tragedy in his past has tried to begin anew as a doctor, finds himself reluctantly having to return to his former vocation in order to solve a murder.

I literally could not put either book down (he has only two books published with a third due next year) as I have become fascinated by forensics for example, I never miss a series of Silent Witness when it is broadcasting and Simon really does seem to know his subject.  Not only that he manages to keep you guessing right to the end as to who the murderer is which in my particular case is no mean feat as I have read so many murder mysteries in my time that I have gained a penchant over the years for being able to predict ‘who done it’ fairly easily.This is the second book

You can tell how much I enjoyed reading it, I went straight out and bought the other book in this series before I had finished reading the first!

He originates from Sheffield, and when I e-mailed to enquire about the next book in the series, he very kindly answered me by e-mail, so I am now a true Simon Beckett fan!

His website is at www.simonbeckett.com and all I can say is that if like me you are into murder mystery novels, then you must try these!



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