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Help for Writers Block!

Whilst K and I were crossing Leeds station foyer yesterday, a young woman handed us a postcard and free ticket holder which turned out on closer inspection to contain some free vouchers With money off both the Guardian and Observer newspaper. I am really beginning to think someone’s giving me a hint here to begin reading newspapers again, what with last weeks local newspaper fiasco (see Memory Loss Day ) and now this!

The postcard contained information about a new series of booklets that apparently will be included with the Guardian on Saturday, September 20th, called The How to Write’ series and there will be seven of them in total. I don’t actually think that they will be aimed at blogger’s in particular, but rather at anyone who wants to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and then cannot think of anything to write about, or alternatively is just seeking inspiration for their journal or book.  At the back was a lovely little poem that I thought you would all like to read.

Fear not the blank page That scary A4

Fear not writer’s block Let it haunt you no more.

Put pen to paper Or fingers to keys

And little black letters start dancing like fleas

They’ll twirl and they’ll swirl and they’ll magically swarm

into words on the page as your ideas take form.

Be they poetry, fiction or scribbling’s more factual

Maybe comedy calls or screenplays feel natural.

Our How To Write guides should help you start in

seven styles, seven days, seven ways to begin.

These booklets designed to take writing skills further

Are free this weekend in the Guardian & Observer.


I just thought it was ideal for all blogger’s too! Hope you like it as much as I did.


 Writing  TG

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2 thoughts on “Help for Writers Block!

  1. Write several paragraphs, and then you notice nothing written has coherent trail of thought and no more idea how to connect it to the next part you could think of. Then, erase everything and back to square one.
    Repeat several times, and no assuring words nor any methods would help to bring inspiration that sounds natural.

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