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Too Good to Waste!

Today has been a truly beautiful Autumn day and so I have taken full advantage of it by completely  ignoring the ironing and any other pending jobs and have been out armed with camera in order to try my best at capturing nature in all her glory! (Besides which it doesn’t take much for me to find an excuse to leave the ironing!) but seriously we have had so little sunshine this year that it really is a travesty to waste it.

The Autumn flower beds in the Park

I had taken some pictures this morning of the Park showing how the flower beds have been reworked since my last pictures of them, and I also tried to capture the time of day.  It began with quite a mist early this morning and the grass was full of dew. It was in my opinion a typical September day, and brought back fond memories of when I was a young girl and we used to go off on our annual holiday which we always took at this time of year,  to Cayton Bay holiday camp near Scarborough.  We were often quite lucky with the weather, and I can remember that it always seemed to begin with mist in the early mornings. This morning reminded me of that.The mist is just beginning to fade. 

We had our dinner, and then set off with me determined to try and capture the ‘essence’ of Autumn and the sights that most of us tend to  associate with this time of year. For me its the fruit on the trees, the acorns, the conkers laying on the floor, the emergence of luscious ripe blackberries at the side of the road.  Again bringing back fond memories of my Mum taking my sister and I blackberry picking down in ‘Sunny Bunces’ or Sunny Vale to give it its proper name, where armed with a huge bucket shaped bag that she used to have, we would try to fill it right to the top with the fruits. On our return home, we would then both gather round the sink in order to clean them, and then Mum would make jars and jars of her fantastic Mmm, soon be ripe for picking! Blackberry Jam, and if there were plenty she would usually make a pie with the remainder as well. None and I mean none of the jam makers can make Blackberry jam like my mother used to. Tongue out

K was doing fairly well with her walking on this trip, as most of the walk was on very uneven ground, and she doesn’t really enjoy walking on anything that is not completely flat.  So we took our time, and ended the walk with an enjoyable encounter with one of the foals in the bottom field.

K's new found friend. Although she adores horses, she can be very wary of them, and is often quite reluctant to stroke them or touch them, but because he was so small she was soon stroking his nose. He very nearly had a go at eating my camera whilst I was getting it out of its bag!  They are obviously getting fed lots of titbits from people, and there were signs of this on the wall, e.g, pieces of carrot and other horse treats.

Then back home to write my blog for today.  Most of the pictures are available in my Live Space if you want to view them all, and also my Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/technogran/sets/72157607361251031/

Its funny how things come back to you isn’t it triggered by such things as early morning mist and blackberries all bringing back very fond memories.  So for me its turned into quite a nostalgic day!

Keep in touch!  TG  Camera  Thinking

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One thought on “Too Good to Waste!

  1. I do like this time of the year, and you’ve captured it so well TG.  I started off the day full of good intent, and narrowly missed electrocuting myself with a pressure washer and what I thought was a defunct cable.  I am now pondering the enormity of my luck.

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