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Aagghhh! Passport ID’s,!! They’re driving me nuts!


After waiting all this time for a calendar to be incorporated into Windows Live Mail, I have now encountered the same old problem that having different Windows Live ID’s can cause and which is giving me a real headache at the moment, so I am having a good old moan this morning directed firmly and squarely at everyone concerned with Live ID’s and how they are implemented in accessing different programs and applications.  Crying

On accessing my calendar via one ID, I noticed that my birthdays were missing.  Where were they?  Well after then accessing the Windows Live Mail calendar with my Hotmail ID, I found them!  So I then made a vain attempt of finding a way to sync both of my calendars and guess what, I couldn’t  do it!  I don’t want to have to make my calendars public in order to completely sync the data contained in them, and besides which, why can’t they amalgamate into just one calendar?  After all, I am the same person!  And herein lies the biggest problem that I have with the whole ID set up.  It doesn’t truly ‘link’ all of your ID’s in the way that I interpret the meaning of ‘link’.   If it did, each ID would not contain a different set of contacts, each ID would allow you to edit your Live Space for example (another big moan of mine)  I would be able to access my Connect dashboard using any of my ID’s, and the same goes for another ‘tear my hair out’ moan of mine regarding my Xbox Live gamercard, which I have vainly been trying to alter recently in order for it to be associated with a different ID. Angry

Yes before I get shot down into flames,  I can see how some people welcome this ‘differentiating’ your ID’s, for if they want to keep one ID for their business use and the other one for personal use, then this ‘treating them as completely separate people’ will no doubt be most welcome, as your contacts for your business ID would be entirely different from those associated with your personal ID.

But for someone like me, it just ends up being a complete and utter nightmare!   And I am not by a long stretch of the imagination a new computer user, so Gods’ knows how someone who is a newbie copes with it all!   Why can’ t users be offered the choice on the Account set up page?  The one where you can ‘link’ all of your ID’s?  Link?  Now that’s a laugh.  If you could really link them, I wouldn’t be writing this blog now!   computer

Okay, so what would I like the ID bods to think about doing?  Well, I want to be able to have different ID’s but each ID to be fully interchangeable with each other, so for example, if I construct my Live Space with my live.co.uk ID, then I want to be able to also fully access it with my Hotmail ID as well, including being able to edit it.  After all, its still me!   I also want to be able to sign into Messenger and Windows Live Mail with any of my ID’s and see exactly the same contacts on any of them, after all I am the same person in both and have exactly the same contacts.  I want my calendar, which now that it is available where it always should have been in my opinion, right there accessible on my desktop, to have all of my data/info/birthdays/appointments, inserted into it from all of my separate ID’s.  After all, if I have an appointment made with one ID, its highly likely that I will have that same appointment with the others!  I am the same person.   If I am a member of Connect and I joined with one of my ID’s, then I want to be able to access my dashboard with any other of my  ID’s as well, not have to make an entirely new Connect for each of them!  After all, I am the same person.  Eye-rolling

With my Xbox Live gamercard, I want to be able to delete any that I no longer use, and also be able to associate a different ID with the one that I do use.

So basically I am asking for full integration of a persons different ID’s and full syncing of their data in their calendar and any other applications that make use of a users ID.  Can’t you give an option on the account page so that a user can choose whether or not to fully sync all of their ID’s, then I can have my wish, and those who want completely separate ID’s for business/private or whatever reason, can just choose not to fully sync their ID’s.   Yes, I know exactly what you are going to say!  Well just get rid of the other ID’s and stick to just one.  If I do that, then I have the problem of which one do I get rid of?  My live.co.uk one which would mean losing this Live Space?  My Hotmail one, which would mean I then lose my Connect and all the programs that I have been testing, thereby having to start from scratch?   Not a nice prospect I might add.  Also I would lose the contacts that I have built up over the years in either of them.

Please powers that be, I do hope that you will consider this, because if not, I think that I will have to get rid of my other ID’s which would be a shame, either that or end up completely insane! (And I am not far off that already!)   So I do hope that all the teams will take time to read this blog and at least give it some consideration.

TG  Thanks!  I feel much better now that I have had this rant and have got that out of my system!  Now I am off to put all my birthdays in my other calendar manually! Grrr!  Angry


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3 thoughts on “Aagghhh! Passport ID’s,!! They’re driving me nuts!

  1. OMG… You have a problem! Not that I claim to fully understand all that you are talking about.  I appear to have several IDs but I can’t remember how I got them. I have a @hotmail.com and a @hotmail.co.uk address. I only use the dot com one with my Space. I have no idea where or when the dot co dot uk one came into exsistance?
    Looking at my Spaces URL, it is Live.com – So do I also have a Spaces with Live.co.uk?

  2. Well, I imagine that they will never do the synchronizing between the linked accounts, because that means duplicating the data and eats up huge amount of database space, in addition to really cost their system load. I think, an alternative would be to treat the linked accounts as alias, different ID but pointing to the same data.But that will need changing the database design and at least the Live services. Then, there would be tests that would took long time also.
    Anyway, I hasn’t touch those concepts for long, so I could be wrong 😀

  3. Have you submitted your suggestions at feedback.live.com? Syncing contacts across LiveIDs would be a huge undertaking though I can ses why it would be handy. I wouldn’t use it myself mind you cos I use the same LiveID for everything.
    If you use WL Mail to manage all your email accounts then all those accounts will have access to your contact list, regardless of whether you’ve "linked" them or not.

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