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No Blogs? Here’s why!


For those of you who have been wondering why its all been quiet this weekend in Technogran land, here is the explanation.  For the rest of you who couldn’t really care less, well Angryand Crying

It all began (my off weekend/feeling lousy) on Thursday with my forgetting to take my morning tablets. To explain fully, I take four tablets in a morning and two at night which I try to time as 10.am and 10pm. I honestly could have sworn that I had taken them and it wasn’t until it came to 10pm and I accessed by Medidose box for my night-time tablets, that I realised that I had missed taking the mornings dose. Doh!

My Medidose Box. As I have previously discussed this eventuality with the Cardiac Nurses (knowing my lousy memory) and had been told that if this occurred, I should and could take the tablets missed, but that I should on no account take the two beta blockers together but should just miss one. (I take one of those in a morning and also one at night.) So of course I took the missed tablets at 10.00pm barring of course one of the beta blockers,  as instructed.

Felt fine on the Friday morning on rising, and K and I set off for my physiotherapy appointment. Boob number two coming up!  Handed my name to the receptionist at the Health Centre, and was told, ‘There is no appointment here for you with L, are you sure?’ Checked my appointment card and, yes, you have guessed it, its for next Friday! Doh! Confused

So, now with me absolutely furious with myself, we decided to carry on to Huddersfield to buy the suitcase we had recently seen in British Home Stores. It was roundabout now that I began to feel a little bit off. I felt sick  dizzy and light headed, but plodded on to get the suitcase, which thankfully K took command of, which was followed by a very quick visit to Sainsbury’s for some Orange Juice that K insisted we needed and then thankfully we made the journey home.

I felt so grotty that I just went for a lay down, and although I did feel a little better afterwards, I still didn’t feel myself really until the following day. This incident has now made me think really seriously that I could do with a ‘tablet alarm’ of some sort which noisily alerts me at tablet taking time, and also sounds an alarm until I disable it!

What about my usual tablet taking alarm, better known as K? Well, all I can state is that on Thursday she slipped up.  Perhaps living with me and my lousy memory is beginning to rub off on her?  She did laugh at me (again) because of the incorrect Physio appointment. Not quite sure why she suddenly finds my lapses so funny! Surprised Perhaps she now realises that the person who has been caring for her all this time is now in need of a lot of caring herself, and is not so capable after all!

Well that’s all for now folks, or until I can remember anything else!  TG


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2 thoughts on “No Blogs? Here’s why!

  1. Oh dear… So easy to forget your tablets. Other half has done that a couple of times too. And we have arrived at the hospital twice for an appointment he said he had that was actually for the following week and one was for the following month! I just clean forget about mine!  LOL 

  2. Hey TG what a memory eh! suggest you get K to stand by with wooden hammer It’s how quickly things come back to you when given a sharp knock on the noggin, i’m sure you won’t make that mistake again. You take care now,bye for now.

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