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The ‘How to Write’ booklets follow up.


For those of few of you who have been closely following my blog, you will recall the recent post regarding some booklets that were due to appear inside the Guardian and the Observer newspapers this last weekend. You may also be wondering whether or not I actually bothered to acquire one of the said newspapers to see if the blogged about booklets were useful or not.

Well, I didn’t buy the Guardian on Saturday as I didn’t set foot outside the door, but on Sunday, I purchased the Observer just for the booklet.  It cost all of £1.90p which nearly caused me to fall down in a faint, but I had the biggest shock on arriving home and trying to actually get my mitts on the ‘How to Write’ booklet. 

Waste anyone? The booklet was in the middle of the others! For a start, the whole newspaper (wrapped conveniently in impenetrable cellophane which would only succumb to a pair of scissors)  weighed an absolute ton.  Once I actually managed to penetrate the blasted cellophane I was then faced with the daunting task of trying to find the actual  booklet amongst what consisted of no less than five separate supplements each stacked inside one another and named as follows, Business and Media, Escape (from all this waste paper being produced by you no doubt!) Sport, Review and finally Television, plus three separate magazines which were Food Monthly, Observer Magazine and a fashion magazine by Tank. (whoever they are!)

Now I know that I haven’t purchased a newspaper for quite some time and that when I used to have the Express delivered, the Saturday and Sunday Express tended to be getting way too ‘supplement’ heavy, but honestly I felt that all of the different contents were absolutely ridiculous!   Aren’t we all supposed to be cutting down on waste?  We would go a long way to achieving that goal if someone began by having a strong word with the newspapers!

At last! The 'How to Write' booklet It must have taken me all of half an hour (well it seemed like half an hour!) to open up each supplement/magazine enclosed therein before I finally reached the ‘How to Write’ booklet!  It reminded me of opening up a set of those Russian dolls, either that or pass the parcel!  Anyway, the second booklet is called ‘How to Write Poetry’ and the following booklet included today will be ‘How to Write Comedy’. I haven’t actually perused the Poetry one (to tired from all that trying to reach it on Sunday I think!)  Besides which I am not really into writing Poetry per se, but they are written by those who actually do write poetry and/or publish it.

So the full series of booklets which began on Saturday are as follows:  How to Write Fiction (damn I missed that one!) Poetry, Comedy, Plays & Screenplays, Memoir & Biography, Journalism and finally Books for Children.  The Memoir and Biography might be useful for bloggers, although that largely depends on what type of blog you tend to write.

Just thought some of you might be interested.  If your not into writing anything or never feel like putting pen to paper, then its of no use or interest whatsoever, sorry!

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4 thoughts on “The ‘How to Write’ booklets follow up.

  1. You must have been away from the Sunday papers for some time she says laughing. But the broadsheets have far more supplements than the tabloids at weekends. It comes from days when people had time at weekends to sit down and read for long periods. They certainly aren’t designed for people with a busy schedule and a full working week (both partners in any house that is). Saying that my son and his wife split up a couple of weekend broadsheets between them. They are used to speed reading whilst taking in from their jobs so the supplements are actually quite good for them. It gives them sitting down and relaxing time.

  2. Hi, Thanks for your comment, I don’t buy newspapers because of the amount of rubbish in them, well, I get our local weekly one but that is shared between the whole office. I’d rather go online and have a look at what’s going on there if need be. Although saying that those how to booklets look quite good – not that I’m any good at writing, now if they did a how to cope with teenagers without killing them or having a nervous breakdown I’d find that useful!
    I hope you remembered to have your pills, and that you’re fully recovered from the other day.
    Take care

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