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York again!

Well, it looks as if we will be making a return journey this Saturday to York after being begged/cajoled and nattered at by you know who to return there.  I was all for paying a visit to Scarborough, but as per usual have been voted down.  We should be accompanied this time by my youngest son, I say ‘should’ as there is some doubt as to whether or not he will arrive at our flat at 07.15am, so having his company on the trip rather hangs in the balance.  I shall not be amused if he doesn’t arrive, as the tickets are ordered and paid for.

Birds eye view of York

We had promised to take him with us the last time, but then he didn’t visit for a while and ended up being deleted from the last trip.  We might take in a boat ride this time because we missed going on one last time.  J has expressed an interest in visiting the Jorvik Centre again, but I have warned him that it will depend on how busy it is.  We might try and take in the Castle Museum as well if we have time.   K is convinced that the weather on Saturday will be glorious, so I have bowed to her weather predicting capabilities as she has been spot on in the past. (Optimism, isn’t it great!)

So we will take lots and lots of pics as usual, and this time I will be taking lots of photos intended to make some Panoramic views which should be interesting, as York lends itself well to this in my opinion.  Apart from that, nothing much happening in our humble abode I am afraid.  I am stuck in today waiting for a parcel (no peeping out the window in anticipation either, I am being firm about my usual ‘delivery van’ watching!)

Can you hear me? So that’s my news for now, K is currently in the kitchen listening to her music with her ‘Mickey Mouse ‘ earphones on, which means I can say what I like about her because she can’t hear me!! (chuckles evilly)  Of course she is singing to whatever she is listening to which considering she is tone deaf, is something that you all want to be glad you cannot experience in the flesh believe you me!

As usual she is in her pajamas as we are not planning to leave the flat today so as she so eloquently puts it ‘Why bother getting dressed Mum if we’re not going out?’

I must add that I might be doing some test posts to my Journal/Space later, so don’t wonder what is going on, I will just be putting the Windows Live Writer beta through its paces that’s all.

That’s all for now folks, keep blogging won’t you?  TG


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4 thoughts on “York again!

  1. Lucky you going to York.  I spent a very pleasant few days in Scarborough in Millenium year.  I like spa towns: good shops, and nice architecture.  I suffer from a surfeit of scenery here in Snowdonia, and it’s very nice to go somewhere civilised.
    Hope the lad turns up in time.
    Bunny .

  2. Ah Yes…York, I still remember it well.  Spent time travelling through England about 32 years ago…before I had my kids.  York and Chester were two of my favourites.  Also went to Blackpool, London, Manchester, Liverpool (actually met Paul McCartney’s sister)…I fell in love with England…but alas, I have yet to return. 
    Sounds like you should send K over here….we could do with a good weather forecaster 🙂
    As my grandfather used to say (German words translated to English) "when Angels travel the sun always shines"!!
    Hope J makes it.
    Have a wonderful time

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