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A day full of ups and downs…..York.


The day began well. I was up with the larks as is usual whenever we are going anywhere, washed, dressed, hair coiffured, daughter wakened, checklist scrutinized, essentials for the trip packed, breakfast eaten, camera’s and mobiles unplugged from chargers, and then out of the door with a ‘locking the door’ reminder said as doing so.

Of youngest son there was no sign, but I wasn’t really surprised. With promises made to myself of what I would do to him when I got my hands on him, we marched down to the Railway Station and arrived in good time at 08.05am.

A glorious morning for setting off! A rare glimpse of you know who!

Although it was quite nippy when we set off the sun was already out, the sky was clear blue and we looked set for a glorious day weather wise as per K’s forecast. At approximately 08.15am, an announcement came over the tannoy.

We are sorry to announce that the 08.17 service to Wakefield Westgate (our train) has been cancelled. Please wait for further announcements.”

What?!!!!  Oh no?  What now? How to connect with our train at Huddersfield?  So panicking in my usual fashion instead of thinking things through calmly and rationally, I plumped for us leaving the station to catch the bus to Huddersfield in a vain attempt that we might, just might achieve that aim.  So a quick dash up the steps and a sprint across the road to the bus stop nearby.  Big mistake!  We must have just missed one and spent the next agonizing 25 minutes waiting for a bus.

However, this turned out to be very fortunate for long lost prodigal son, who at approximately 08.30am, suddenly appeared walking towards us. Wasn’t he lucky! Had the train turned up he would have missed us!  On joining us he promptly received a few administrations from me about

  1. Never keeping to promises made.
  2. Never listening to anything said to him about times, etc.
  3. Causing me unnecessary worry and concern.

Eventually we arrived at Huddersfield station now too late for our intended connection, so we boarded the next train going to York and fortunately there were plenty of seats available.

Don't take a photo of me! J on the wall. Look at that view Mum!

We arrived in York station at  10.00am instead of the intended 09.30am, so not too bad considering.  J wanted us to walk along the wall that begins just outside the railway station, so we did this much to the annoyance of K, who as you all are no doubt aware by now, is none too keen on doing any unnecessary walking if she can help it. By this time it was absolutely beautiful and so warm that I took my raincoat off, and spent the rest of the day in just my t-shirt top.  J complained that he didn’t like his photo taken much to my annoyance, so I ended up taking quite a few back shots of him during our visit to York.

The Tower. From the wall, we made our way to the Castle Museum where we went up to the top of the Tower, accompanied again by much grumbling from K about all the steps that we had to climb.  From the top the views around York were well worth it. Following the descent of the tower, we had a quick ice cream and rest on a nearby bench, and then went into the Castle Museum. I took loads of pictures of the exhibits inside, which conveniently brings me to the second big problem of the day and one which turned out to be entirely my own fault.

The last time that I had used my camera, I had selected to use ‘no flash’ and during our tour of the Castle Museum I never noticed that the flash was not ‘popping out’ as it should have done. Doh!  So all resulting pictures taken indoors ended up  as a mushy none-focused mess!  I was so upset when I arrived home and checked them. Why I hadn’t noticed that the flash was not working I honestly don’t know. (Well actually I do.  Mushy none- focused brain!)

Anyway, after an enjoyable and informative tour around the Museum it was now about 12.30pm, so we decided to consume some lunch at our usual abode MickyD’s.  This was followed by a return visit to the Jorvik Centre which we thoroughly enjoyed again, especially being able to fill J in about all the exhibits. On completion of the ride, I tried vainly to find the information that I had read previously concerning people who are prone to Eczema being descendants of Vikings, but try as I might I couldn’t find it. Hmm.  Strange!  Had I dreamt it?  As previously explained any pictures taken in here ended up a mushy mess.

Cruising down the river on a Saturday afternoon...... Then we made our way back towards the Castle Museum and the intended boat ride down the river Ouse. This was the highlight of the day for me and it was a little cooler and fresher on the river, but K and J promptly went to sleep! (Which proves how calming boating down the river can be!)  Following the boat tour, we retraced our steps back to the Railway Station for a saunter around the Railway Museum and of course, the requested t-shirt for K.  J wanted to inspect the Japanese bullet train which we did, then a quick check on the progress of the Flying Scotsman and as the cafe’s inside the museum had now closed, we made our way back to the station for some tea.  Hmm, some more fast food via Burger King!  Good job that it is only for one day, all this filling up with rubbish and crap!

We had just half and hour to wait for our train which gave J plenty of excuse to saunter off outside for a quick smoke before the train arrived. Although he is always complaining about my tendency to get stressed out all the time and be constantly on edge, he has never really helped to alleviate my stress because he has the uncanny knack of being there one minute and then nowhere to be seen the next, and he performed this trick several times during the day, causing me to do my usual panicking.  He has been adept at this ‘disappearing act’ since being a small boy.

We arrived in Huddersfield and luckily a train which went through B was already in. On embarking at B we then caught the bus home arriving tired and with aching feet from all of the walking that we had done.  It had turned out to be a strange day really on recap. Full of things that had gone wrong, but saying that, if the train had not been cancelled then J would have missed us. I was more upset about the blasted camera if anything, as all the pictures that I took indoors would have been really interesting.  Oh well! I suppose it gives us a valid excuse for a return trip if only to retrace my steps and retake them all!

TG   Open-mouthed


2 thoughts on “A day full of ups and downs…..York.

  1. Looks like K’s weather forecast was spot on…what a lovely day.  Ah, I remember grumbling about all those steps too 🙂 but once at the top it was well worth the effort.  Coming down was much easier we simply rolled down the grass…soiling my new track suit.  Still have the suit and the grass stains…some 30 yrs later.
    Happy that son made his appearance.  My boy was always undpredictable too…frustrating to say the least.  But by and large it looks like you had a wonderful day and your pictures are wonderful.

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