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Wet wet wet……blasted rain again!


Yesterday after taking one look outside the window, all thoughts of going out were instantly dismissed, and I spent yesterday doing mostly housework jobs and general tidying around the flat. K went off to day care in the morning, despite my insistence that I thought it wise not to go as she is full of cold at the moment.

Is this the same daughter who myself and her social worker have spent the last two years begging and pleading to  attend Day Care and who flatly refused to entertain the notion?  Now she is not going to miss a day’s attendance no matter what!  Illness, rain, snow, hail, hurricane, nothing will keep her from her day care! What a turnaround! Surprised

So back now to today.  Well it was still throwing it down this morning, but this time I had very little choice in the matter as we needed some food for today’s dinner and additionally daughters ‘must have’s or my life will end items ’ were quickly piling up on the shopping list.  So after she had left and I had made a quick sprint outside with my paper refuse bag and K’s empty Alco pop’s bottles for the Recycle Refuse guys, who put in a sudden appearance just as K had left, and who always seem to catch me on the hop these days, I then steeled myself for the journey and set off.

Shopping list for today. By the time I reached town I was absolutely soaked. Into Sainsbury’s, carefully consulting the shopping list written by K. I didn’t miss anything, but by the time I reached the checkout, the basket was really heavy. The lady in front  of me couldn’t find her cash card, her little girl must have put it somewhere she confessed. Could her shopping be kept somewhere whilst she went home to search for it?  The little girl in question was with her. She looked about three years old. Hmm, none of my business I know, but who in their right mind let’s their three year old have their credit card to play with?? Surprised

So through the checkout, rushed to the paper shop for a lottery ticket (don’t know why I keep bothering with this, as even if I was the only one playing I wouldn’t win) then checked the cashpoint and got some cash out, dashed up the main street just as it was beginning to pour down again, bumped into someone who used to live next door and who is going in hospital tomorrow and obviously needed to let me know this despite the fact that we were both stood in the pouring rain, sprinted up to the bus station with bag now feeling as if it weighed an absolute ton!  Blast and damn!  Just missed our bus that drops you off outside our flat so I quickly changed tack and ran for the other one which entails a walk through the estate.

By the time I unlocked the door, I really was akin to a drowned rat. Not only that, the bag was so heavy to carry that it had set off my backache again.  Grrr!  My face probably resembled thunder!  I am going to have to partake of a serious talk with my daughter about this!  When I am going shopping alone then items which are not deemed essential will have to wait until we go together.  Or I shall end up looking like an Orang-utan with arms down to the floor and rounded ‘Quasimodo’ back!

Here is a transcript of the shopping list for anyone who can’t quite make it out complete with  translation by me of K’s writing.

Shopping List

cook oil                                                                   onarer Juice          (orange juice)

bum wipes (Andrex Moistened wipes)                      Hot cholalke         ( hot chocolate)

Dcaf coffer (decaffeinated coffee)                           Cholalke morse     (chocolate mousse)

2 dircks (2 drinks)

Spunchs  (bath sponges)




Cholocike milk

TV Guide

do not forget to go in A for Bottoms (This refers to the fact that my games supplier Adey has promised to lend her some Bottom DVD’s.)

cothsweets (cough sweets)

Tiches (tissues)

Beef stew a Dumplings

As stated previously before I don’t intend to  make fun of K as I love the way she is prepared to have a go at spelling any word she needs. So that’s my day so far! And of course as I finish this, the sun is shining and the blasted rain has stopped!

TG Sad

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2 thoughts on “Wet wet wet……blasted rain again!

  1. I was sitting here reading your entry when my son came in from his static van: "Mum… the conservatory floor is soaking wet!" I had been sitting here at the PC and didn’t even notice it had started to rain earlier. I did notice it was getting a little chilly! When that door is open for the dogs to go in and out, if the wind is up, like today… the rain blows right in! Goodness, what a puddle I had to mop up. Got the floor washed anyway!
    Very wise of K to write lists… We always forget, or write it and leave it behind… and never come back with all we need!

  2. Sounds like you got a bit wet there.  The sun is just going here and the sky is pretty dark. K is a sweetheart to struggle in the face of adversity.  May she long be happy, Pen.

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