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A Trek down to Town

Keen to make hay whilst the sun shines I wanted to go down to town this morning, both to make our appointments for our flu jabs at the Doctors, and also take some more pictures around the town.  K was none too keen on the idea which came as no surprise to me. “It will do us both good to get out into the fresh air” I said, “You’ll be okay as long as you put a warm jumper on.” (She has a cold at the moment.)  So despite the usual mutterings and grumbles under her breath we set off on a trek down to town.

Samwise the Brave (aka K) It was a beautiful morning, cold yes, but nice and crisp.  We went down to the doctors first of all to make appointments for our flu jabs.  Now at this point I must fill you in on the usual pantomime that takes place every year without fail when we try to do this simple task.  K has had a flu jab for as long as I can recall, she qualifies because of her condition and in addition, if she ever did get the flu  she would be very ill indeed. Yet every year I usually end up having an argument with the receptionists about her right to qualify for a flu jab, and in fact last year I ended up getting so angry that I saw our GP about it.

And then of course there is myself.  I don’t qualify because of age but because I am a carer, and every year without fail I have to complete a form stating this fact. Why on earth the doctor’s can’t have it recorded on my notes that I am a carer I can’t quite figure.  However when she mentioned that I would need to complete the carers form again this time,  I politely informed  her that I qualified for the flu jab anyway as I had recently had a heart attack.  She peered at the computer in front of her and said, “Well I can’t find that qualification down here!  We have to be strict you know.”  Now it just so happens that in my hand was a leaflet that I had picked up from the reception desk about having the flu jab, and if only I had glanced inside it states one of the qualifying criteria for having the flu jab as being Previous heart attack .  Don’t they ever read their own leaflets?  Anyway needless to say, I had to stand there holding everyone else up in the queue whilst I completed the carers form.

You won’t have to do this next year” she assured me, “because you’ll be sixty five!”  Oh goody!  Do they honestly think that there are those of us who try to get a flu jab under false pretences?  Anyway, we are having our jabs next Tuesday. (Don’t worry, already added to my new Windows Live Calendar and my mobile!)

What the??  Dragon Fruit! We then made our way through town, and I took some pictures of the Halloween temptations in the local bakery shops and also some very peculiar fruits that were on display in our town grocers shop and which I have never seen before in my life.  They are called Dragon Fruits and it stated that they were from Israel.  I was sorely tempted to buy some just to try!  One of our friends in the bakers shop saw me taking pictures, and she quickly grabbed one of the masks from the window and put it on just for a bit of fun!  Tell you, we are all slightly bonkers in this town. 

Then onwards to the canal basin to take some photos of the narrow boats moored there and it really was full of them as well.   I also took the opportunity of taking some pictures of two mallard ducks which were enjoying the sunshine at the side of the canal.  We then continued onto the park . It really was beautiful in the Autumn sunshine.  I wanted to take a panoramic picture of one of my favourite subjects the Spiders Web climbing frame, and I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate K in it, so I asked her to sit on the tyre swing which is at the side of the climbing frame.  Well, she tried to sit on it and failed miserably as you can plainly see, and as I was by now in full flow of panning my camera to get the correct shots for the panoramic picture, she had to stay there shouting “Help” and  suspended over a puddle until I could rescue her.  It does look funny and I have been in stitches ever since every time I look at it!

Oops! K has slipped off the tyre swing!  

For all her troubles and the near dunk into the puddle which was underneath the tyre swing,  I treated her to an ice cream on the return journey home.  I really hate wasting a sunny day and it probably won’t be long before the weather becomes so off-putting that I won’t be stepping out of the door at all, so today was all the more enjoyable for that reason.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our trek today.  Keep blogging won’t you?  TG  Open-mouthed


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