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A Busy Week so far!


Well it has been a very busy week here in our household as we have been preparing ourselves for our forthcoming journey up to Scotland next week, beginning with having our hair cut on Saturday, K  her usual very short cropped style, and mine a very short (for me) style as well. I had gone to the Hairdressers armed with a picture of how I wanted mine to be cut, but when we arrived there, K spotted a picture in one of the magazines of Posh Spice with her new hair cut, and on seeing it, I decided to have mine done in the same style.  Mind you, mine looks nothing like Posh’s hair. hers is nice and thick and mine is getting thinner and thinner by the day!  Oh the ravages of growing old! I also had it coloured as well to cover the greys.

K and her usual crop Posh??? More like Tosh if you ask me!

I have been busy sorting out which clothes we will be taking with us and making sure they are all washed and ironed ready for packing in the suitcase.  I have also been doing some rigorous checking and planning  (following the ‘this train has been cancelled’ incident that occurred at our local train station on our trip to York (see this post)  If the same incident occurs this time, then we can catch the next train and actually hook up with the York train at Huddersfield, so we would then be boarding it earlier than the planned route, but at least we now have a back up plan if there is a repeat performance! smile_teeth

On Tuesday we went for our flu jabs and typically arrived in the doctors surgery half an hour before our allotted times, so after about 20 minutes had passed, the nurse who was doing the jabs asked us what time our appointment was for as she was concerned that we had been sat there for so long and perhaps we had been missed.  I didn’t feel a thing when she gave me the jab and neither did K,  but my arm is rather sore and tender to the touch now as is K’s.

K went to her day care as usual on Wednesday and I busied myself with more washing of dressing gowns which we had forgotten to include in the previous wash of ‘Items of clothing to pack’ and I also gave the flat a really good clean and tidy round.  Of course K  will no doubt have been informing everyone not to touch her arm where she had the jab.  Today we had to go down to town for some shopping and it was beautiful outside.  I hadn’t taken my camera with me unfortunately or I would have taken some pictures, as on our return journey we walked back on the bottom road and all of the ponies and foals were out in full force with their heads over the railings waiting for some kind passer by to give them some of that juicy looking grass from the side of the road!  Of course K and I crossed over and obliged each one with a generous handful.  One of them tried to nudge the other one out of the way as I gave it some grass.

Hey!” K said to it, “ Stop seeking Attention!”  LOL.

That’s all for now folks as its dinner time!  Take Care!

TG smile_teeth


2 thoughts on “A Busy Week so far!

  1. Yes… I like the new hair styles and the colour too. Hope you have a great trip to Scotland… Look forward to seeing the photos, so don’t forget to pack the camera!

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