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Our Trip to Scotland…..the journey and arrival.


As usual, I was full of trepidation as we finally exited the door at 8.10am to begin our epic journey to Scotland. How I wish I could stop being such a worrier!  On arrival at our train station, I was already beginning to get rather anxious and tense. The train arrived and our journey to Leeds was on time.  This was followed by more tension as the train before ours was due was running late.  By the time ours arrived I was very wound up and panicky!

I won’t calm down K until I am on that Glasgow train!” I admitted. This state of mine was caused by the fact that you can’t use the Advance tickets on any other train, at least not unless the reason for you missing that particular train was entirely the train operators fault.

Fingers crossed the train turns up! When we arrived at York, things went a little awry as a station employer advised me to use the lift to access platform 5 where the Glasgow train was due to  depart from, probably because I had the suitcase in tow, and silly me took their advice and used the lift despite the fact that we had never used it before as we always previously cross platforms via the overhead concourse. Well, the lift was of course full of other passengers and promptly went down and not up!  Panic stations! We found ourselves in some sort of underground corridor which we had never used or knew existed before!

We rushed up this and then accessed the Platform 5 lift.  On emerging from the lift there was no sign of any Platform 5!

I'm panicking already!Excuse me” I said to a passing station employee, “ Can you tell me where platform 5 is?” the person just walked past and ignored me!  And then as we rounded the corner we spied it.  Hurrah!  So quickly estimating roughly where carriage E might possibly stop, we moved ourselves down Platform 5.  A few minutes later the train arrived and we climbed on board to take our allotted seats and store the suitcase in the luggage rack.  A very kind gentleman assisted me with this task, as our suitcase would have to go quite high on top of someone else’s and I couldn’t quite lift it up there.

Two ladies were sat in our reserved seats, so we had to inform them that they were ours and although they didn’t seem too pleased, they then vacated the seats for us.  Why do people do this? Okay I’ll admit that we have sat in reserved seats on occasions, but only once I know that they persons they were meant for have obviously not made the journey.

Now I could relax at last!  K and I settled down for the long journey up to Glasgow, me with my novel to read and K with a copy of Metro to look at.  We had packed a lunch to eat on the train and some drinks and I also bought a tea from the trolley and K had a packet of crisps and a drink of orange juice.

It is a very enjoyable ride up the East Coast line as you take in the fantastic views of the sea on your right hand side.  K kept having to make her toilet breaks practically every stop that the train made as she finds it impossible to go when the train is moving.  Don’t worry!  She knows not to flush until the train is out of the station! (This means that she is usually gone for quite some time as well.)

At last we arrived dead on time in Glasgow Central station.  Down the platform I caught sight of my eldest son and my granddaughter waiting for us.  With lots of hugs and kisses Cr took over the suitcase and led us to his car parked in the station car park.  It was so lovely to see them in the flesh instead of on a webcam on  messenger!

Where we stayed in Scotland
Where we stayed in Scotland

The journey to their house took about an hours drive.  We greeted Cl and my granson who were watching for us at the door. “We have lots of things planned for you Mum.” my eldest son said, “ and if you feel up to it, we’ll take you to the park later once you have unpacked.”  So after a tour around the house and a look outside the windows at the fantastic view of the surrounding mountains, we were whisked off to the park for our first taste of the beautiful scenery around where they live in Alexandria.

To be continued in part two.

TG  Open-mouthed


2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Scotland…..the journey and arrival.

  1. Thank goodness you had a fairly uneventful journey.  I have never been to Scotland but I hear it is lovely.  Great to see your family as well, Pen.

  2. Looking forward to part 2… I love Scotland. I really is one of the most beautiful places. I just know you will have taken some lovely pictures. Anyone with a camera couldn’t resist!

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