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Our Trip to Scotland…….A walk in the Park!


As soon as we had unpacked our suitcase and enjoyed a quick tour of the house, we were whisked off to Balloch park a favourite haunt of my son and his family.  It is situated right alongside Loch Lomond with some stunning views visible from its paths.

View from the park looking towards Loch Lomond We parked the car and then began our walk.  It was chilly with a fresh breeze coming from the direction of the Loch itself but at least it wasn’t raining.  Its a lovely park containing many different types of trees complete with babbling brook and a small castle in the middle.   We also found a lovely little bench which was really cute and of course, K tried it out for size!  We had included Sandy their dog in this outing, and she was having a whale of a time running in and out of the trees, splashing into the brook  and investigating everywhere and everything.

It was by now about 4.30 to 5.00pm and the light was beginning to fade slightly by the time we began our walk along the lower path which runs parallel to the Loch itself. There were many ducks swimming close to the edge and the grandchildren nearly had a close encounter with some swans which came onto the shoreline to investigate them.  They obviously thought that the children had bread and titbits and were getting very close!

My grandaughter looks at the pier. Rh went right to the edge of the pier which was partly submerged and ended up with wet trousers, much to his Mum’s annoyance. There were loads of boats moored here as you can probably make out on the aerial map.  We had all worked up quite an appetite taking this park walk, so Cr decided to go to the nearest cafe and get some food for everyone. taking K with him ( who naturally eagerly volunteered to accompany him at the mention of her favourite subject)  so Cl and I sat down on a nearby bench to wait for their return whilst the children played at the edge of the Loch.

Some quite considerable time later there was no sign of their impending return, and as we had become quite cold sitting on the bench, we decided to go in search of their whereabouts.    As we reached the road they were just emerging from the cafe with all the food.  I had a chicken and some chips and  K had chosen a battered sausage of some description with chips so she was in her element.  We decided to take them to the car and devour them inside where it was warmer.  Cl and I had become frozen through, and whenever I get so chilled it tends to take me ages to thaw out.  The children seemed oblivious to the cold though as children tend to be.

A Swan comes to investigate. After eating the impromptu tea, we made our way back home to a lovely warm house and a relaxing evening inside.  A quick warm shower to help thaw out and K and I were soon sat in pyjamas and dressing gown for  a relaxing evening with the family. I had a surprise gift for my two grandchildren,  I had taken them my old webcam up as theirs never seemed to work correctly and so they spent most of the night setting that up on their laptop and trying it out. Once we retired for bed, I slept like the proverbial log!

“Tomorrow we are taking you to the north of Loch Lomond to Ardlui.” they informed me, “its a fair drive out but its worth it and is one of Cl favourite spots, and I’ll try some fishing whilst we’re there.” Hmm, another Vista packed day tomorrow, better not forget to take the camera then!

Balloch Park
Balloch Park


TG  Open-mouthed


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2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Scotland…….A walk in the Park!

  1. We have parked in Ballock each time we went up to Scotland… We camped at the camp site there, so we’ve also walked all round the areas you describe… with our dogs. It is beautiful. I look forward to part 3 of you trip and the photos.

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