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Our Trip to Scotland…..the other end of the Loch and back again.


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On the Tuesday following breakfast we set off to visit Ardlui which is situated right at the top most end of Loch Lomond.  My son warned me that it was a quite a long journey up there and it certainly was.  It was also a good job that we all took our raincoats with us because on our eventual arrival at Ardlui we encountered some drizzly rain, but this didn’t dampen our spirits in the slightest.  My son decided to pack his fishing rod into the car as he planned to do some fishing in the Loch whilst we were there.

Helensburgh On our way to Ardlui we made a detour and paid a visit to Helenburgh on the coast where, after parking the car on the front, we all stood on the pier to watch a naval submarine making its way out to sea from the nearby naval base.  We did discuss taking a ferry ride but the water was very choppy and it was quite cold as well,so this idea was then discounted and planned for another day, hopefully when the weather was more favourable.  R took a tumble down some very slippery steps which were at the side of the pier and covered in seaweed.  He soon recovered though as he hadn’t hurt himself too much. 

We then returned to the car and continued our journey to Ardlui through some absolutely breathtaking countryside which was dotted here and there with isolated farms, gorse and bracken, and hills and dales.  We were really amongst the mountains here, and with no other car in sight!  I actually got out of the car at one point to take some panoramic views of the surroundings as it was so beautiful.   Nor could I believe the size of the cattle which were grazing up here!  They were absolutely enormous. This was obviously mostly farming country and my son told us to keep our eyes open for glimpses of deer but we didn’t spot any.  We did see lots of grouse and pheasant, one which nearly got run over by the car as it was stood in the middle of the road!

Looking out over the Loch from their favourite tree. Ardlui is a favourite area for all of my son’s family and I soon felt on familiar ground, as they have often sent me pictures of the surroundings which I quickly recognised, especially another favourite climbing tree that my  grandchildren love which is right next to the side of the Loch.  Because of the rain clouds it was also quite misty up on the hill tops and I tried to capture some of the rolling mists with my camera. It was amazing how the scenery/light constantly changed as the clouds and mist rolled over the hills and mountains!  Cr then made a vain attempt to fish at several different spots along the shore of the Loch, and he was assisted by the children who also tried their individual fishing techniques but to no avail.  My son didn’t feel that it was deep enough to catch anything in that area.

The stunning view from the holiday park Following the unfruitful fishing, we continued on following the edge of the Loch to where there was a Mobile Home and Holiday Villa park situated complete with lots of boats moored up there.   What a wonderful place to have a holiday home I thought to myself.  So peaceful and quiet and complete with absolutely stunning views!  I could just imagine waking up in a morning and looking out of the windows at that view!

We then made our way to some local shops where I bought my usual fridge magnet souvenir and my son and my granddaughter tried on a Tam-o-shanter hat complete with ginger wig which was quite comical.  There were lots of little souvenir shops dotted around this area and quite a few holiday parks as well.

It certainly turned out to be a fair drive there and back again, but well worth it for the fantastic views alone, and I could well understand why people would own holiday homes around the area of the Loch as it was absolutely breathtaking.  I ended up with my head spinning trying to take it all in!  I thoroughly enjoyed the day despite the damp and drizzly weather.


The Holiday Homes at the edge of Loch Lomond
The Holiday Homes at the edge of Loch Lomond


TG Open-mouthed   Tomorrow we had a visit to Stirling castle to look forward to!




2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Scotland…..the other end of the Loch and back again.

  1. As Penny sid, I feel like I’ve been on holiday with you… But I do know the road as we’ve been up it a couple of times.

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