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Our Trip to Scotland……..the last day.


Xscape in the Braehead Shopping Centre where we went ten pin bowling.
Xscape in the Braehead Shopping Centre where we went ten pin bowling.

On rising on the Thursday and after breakfast had been eaten by all concerned, it was decided that the weather was just too cold and damp for the proposed trip on the ferry across Loch Lomond.  I was a little disappointed, but our hosts were in charge of the itinerary and as we had already enjoyed such a fantastic time so far, I swallowed my disappointment and agreed with their decision.  They had decided that it would be better if we all went to Xscape at the Braehead Centre in Glasgow which would obviously be warmer and drier!  This was a very popular choice with the children as they had been asking to go there all week.

So let me see. Technogran, she with the arthritic knees and dodgy back was about to go………….Ten Pin Bowling!  I hadn’t done this for at least 40 years if not more!  Well, I thought  to myself, I just hope that I don’t end up looking a complete fool, or worse end up throwing myself down the bowling alley by getting my fingers stuck in the ball!  So we all piled into the car and set off to Glasgow for a memorable day out. (Or in this case, in.)

Xscape turned out to be a huge Shopping Plaza complete with other venues inside it such as the Ten Pin bowling alley.  Because the children were on holiday the place was obviously packed with families.  We donned our bowling shoes and after being assigned a lane, began bowling.  Because it was so long since I had done any bowling I was very rusty but at least I was able to ‘bend at the knee’  as I let go of the ball!  We played about 6 games in total bowling against each other, and K held her own as well.  She gets really serious about competitive things such as this,  and I only wish now that I had taken some photographs of everyone bowling then you would have been able to see the concentration on her face and the looks she gave when she hadn’t hit anything.  And guess what?  I ended up making two strikes and actually won one of the rounds as well!

Navy ships on the Clyde being built

Afterwards, we came out of the building and walked around the side to view some of the naval ships which are being built at the Clyde shipyards and I took a Panoramic shot of these.  Then we returned home. This was followed in the evening by a wonderful meal out that they had booked previously at one of my son’s favourite public houses where they serve a carvery, and we were also accompanied by Cl’s Mum for the meal.  Inside it was absolutely packed with people and no wonder! There were three different meats to choose from, Turkey, Beef or Ham with generous sized portions of each piled onto your plate by the chef, then a ‘help yourself to as much as you like’ array of vegetables such as cauliflower in cheese sauce,carrots,turnip,peas,cabbage,roast potatoes,new potatoes,Yorkshire puddings,seasoning balls,etc, complemented by cranberry sauce, mustard sauce and as much gravy as you could manage to fit onto your plate!

The price for all this food?  £3.50 a head!  I kid you not!  Everyone laughed when I said to them “ I’m picking this pub up and taking it home with me!”  No wonder it was so busy!  For any of you who might be contemplating a visit around that area in the future, the public house in question is called the Stonefield and it is situated on the Dumbarton Road in Milton, Dumbarton. They are also doing a Christmas Fayre menu of two courses for £5.00, three courses for £7.95 and on Christmas Day the whole works for £36!  Not only that but its one of those public houses where you feel instantly cosy and welcome.  I tell you if I could have picked it up and carried it home with me I would have done!

The Stonefield public house,Dunbarton Road, well worth a visit!
The Stonefield public house,Dunbarton Road, well worth a visit!

Then we all returned back home, K and I to begin our packing for the following days return back home, and my son and his family to relax in front of the TV.  So the end of another very enjoyable day.

TG  Open-mouthed


3 thoughts on “Our Trip to Scotland……..the last day.

  1. Sounds like a grand day out.  What lovely memories you have taken home with you.  I cannot believe the price of the meal.  You would only get a sandwich for that around here, Pen.

  2. OMG… That meal sounded super. And at that price? Unbelievable. So glad you enjoyed your last day… though a boat trip across the Loch would have been nice if somewhat cold and damp. Probably better you didn’t do it this time… There’s always another time… may be go back in the Summer months.

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