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Three halves of Lager and a fall on the floor!


Our bus station.
Our bus station.

 I have not been blogging recently because I have been so busy with other things. Such as? Well K returned from respite complete with a suitcase full of washing, so I had that to plough through (not ironed yet as I had only just done a load of ironing just before her return, once in a week is enough for me thank you! I hate ironing so it will have to wait until I am in the mood!) smile_sad

Anyways, what’s with the title I hear you ask, did you become inebriated?  Did you go on a bender celebrating K’s return?  No, it isn’t actually referring to me or K for that matter. Let me explain. I was supposed to go shopping yesterday morning more or less straight after K had exited to the day care centre, but as we needed to buy quite a few items ( Yes, she’s back with her lists!) I could envisage me having some problems carrying it all home, so K told me to leave the shopping until she returned so that she could also carry some of it in her backpack.

So I then got on with other things until her return. We then went into town and did the shopping and we were on our way up to catch our bus when the incident that warrants the title occurred. Worried

An elderly lady walking up to the bus station on the opposite pavement to us fell on the floor. Of course without hesitation, K and I dashed over to help.  I tried to lift her up by myself as she didn’t look as if she weighed more than two penneth of copper, but I couldn’t manage,  so I had to ask K to hold the ladies other arm and we both then assisted her to her feet.

Immediately I could smell her breath. Hmm, she had obviously been drinking!  We both took an arm and I asked her which bus she needed to catch, intending to escort her to the relevant bus stop and we began walking in that direction.  At the top of the road she changed her mind.

Perhaps I had better take a taxi.” she said. Hmm, a wise decision in my opinion as she really was unsteady on her feet even with both of us holding her arms.  So we promptly turned around and walked her the other way in the direction of  the taxi office which is about 60 yards or so from the bus station.  We escorted her there and then saw her safely into the taxi. Auto

I can’t understand it.” she said, “I’ve only had three halves of lager, and I am used to drinking. I have never felt like this before.” Hmm.  She was quite small and thin, so I ventured an explanation to her.

Have you had anything to eat today?” She replied that she hadn’t had any food. beer

Well that won’t help then.  It will have gone straight to your head!” said I.  She was adamant that she had never fallen down or been dizzy before and that the only drink that she had consumed was three halves of lager. I was very sceptical about this myself but then I do tend to be a very sceptical person.

Once we had seen her safely into the taxi we then had to speedily retrace our steps back to the bus station, hopefully before our bus left.  As luck would have it we hadn’t missed it, as by this time in the afternoon it was becoming quite cold, and I absolutely hate standing around waiting for a bus in the cold.

So, what do you think?  She was about 70 years old at a guess, certainly older than I am and very scrawny in build.  She was only small in height as well. Could she have really only had three halves of lager?  As for our good deed, I always go and help anyone I see in difficulty. You never know when it might happen to you and the tables be turned and you need assistance. I do it without thinking about it and always have done, and I have brought my children up to do the same.

Well I am off now to play some Fable 2. Yes, I have my mitts on it at last. I will probably post later with some pictures of my heroine in the game and some photos of Albion and the game itself.  Its wonderful to have something to play at last!  Mind you, this Friday Fallout 3 is also out so then I will have to make a decision as to  which one to devote my time to. This after having absolutely zilch to play all year practically! 

TG  Surprised  Keep blogging won’t you?



4 thoughts on “Three halves of Lager and a fall on the floor!

  1. Well done for helping the inebriate woman.  She may have had only a pint and a half of lager.  As you pointed out, she had not eaten anything.  Mind you, I would need to drink half a bottle of scotch before I was unsteady on my feet.  Have a lovely evening, Pen.

  2. I’d have done the same as you TG… stopped and helped. But sometimes (often), when someone has had too much, they forget how much they have had! I bet it was a couple more halves than she admitted to.

  3. Tom I can’t reply to your comments as you must have your space settings so that I can’t message you back. Sorry.

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