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Its Election and Halloween Fever on Weeworld!


You have heard me all rabbiting on about Weeworld in the past, but I thought you would all like to see the latest happenings on there as they are so cute!  First of all, let me introduce you to two new faces on Weeworld, they are aiming to be one of the most powerful Weemee’s in Weeworld and are hoping for lots of votes! Remind you of anyone?

Now these two Weemee's look kinda familiar to me!

Then lots and lots of Weemee’s have been getting into the Halloween spirit (Whoooo!) by dressing up in very scary costumes and of course the Weemee bods and powers that be have been running one of their competitions to see who’s Weemee is the best Halloween dressed.

Here are a few of the ones they have been featuring on there.

Halloween weemee's

You can also choose a scary backdrop for your Weemee as well. Me and my Weemee? Oh, she is too old to mess about dressing up for Halloween, she is scary enough without the costume and make up!  Mind you my Weemee might dress up for Christmas as last year we could all decorate our rooms and there was a competition for the best Xmas decorated room.

Its all good fun isn’t it? Mind you, we will soon be getting Avatars on the Xbox 360 and they look really cool! I am hoping that they will be usable not just for Xbox live but also for any programs, websites and forums that you want to use them on.

Well that’s all for now folks, keep blogging won’t you?

TG  I dont know


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