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Quest for the Dressing Gown…a successful conclusion at last!


All of my readers who read this blog will no doubt remember K and I tearing around West Yorkshire (well bit of a overstatement I know but it felt like that at the time and anyway, I always exaggerate!) searching for a larger size of the dressing gown that I bought my Grand Nephew last year?  (Unfortunately I am not able to refresh your memories via a link to the relevant post as LJ won’t allow Windows Live Writer to use links to your previous posts, and Windows Live Spaces only allows links to the last 20 previous posts and as the blog in question is much earlier than 20 posts ago, you will have to just trawl through to find it, sorry!)  Disappointed

Remember how we searched every Mothercare shop within a 50 mile radius for said dressing gown (told you I exaggerated didn’t I?) and were unsuccessful in finding it?  Well when my niece paid us a visit last Friday she informed me that we hadn’t purchased it from Mothercare after all, it was in fact bought from Boots! (No wonder we couldn’t find it in Mothercare then, we would have been searching forever for it and so would the helpful Mothercare staff!) Eye-rolling 

Down towards the cat steps Quite why I had assumed that we had purchased it from Mothercare I haven’t a clue although none of you will be surprised at this mix up of vendors in my memory as you should all be perfectly well aware by now that as far as recollection and memory go, mine is far from reliable!  Besides which in my lousy memory’s defence, we had bought it from Foster Square Shopping Centre which contains both a Boots and a Mothercare store, so I have concluded that it was an easy mistake to make on my part. Open-mouthed 

So yesterday K and I set off to Huddersfield in order to purchase the dressing gown.  Huddersfield because my niece had stated that this is where she had spotted the dressing gown in question in that particular branch of Boots.  We walked down the cat steps to catch the bus and it was a very pleasant day weather wise, sunny, blue skies just perfect for a trip out.  On arriving at Huddersfield we began by having a quick peek in Dixons or as it is now called CurrysDigital, for a nosy at the latest AV equipment and then we made our way to Boots.

The Dressing Gown at last! The children’s clothing department is upstairs in this branch,  so we rode up the escalator and soon found the dressing gowns. Hmm. Not quite the same one I purchased for him before. The previous one was all blue and these were blue and white stripes! There were a few left of the all blue ones but they were not in the size that my niece had requested I buy. So we bought one of the blue and white striped ones instead. Then we continued to W.H.Smiths where we also purchased some ‘feely’ books as well for him to go with the dressing gown. I love these for small children!  I used to buy mine books like this when they were his age, as I think that its important to foster a love of books and reading early.  You can’t begin soon enough in my opinion!


Two 'feely' books, I love these! We were going to return on the train, but on reaching Huddersfield station and trying to buy our tickets, we were informed that they were only running buses from Huddersfield to B! Why I couldn’t quite fathom, as the lady in the ticket booth mentioned something about Bradford Interchange being closed which does go someway to explaining why we are currently having trains running through B to Blackpool North and York, although she said that they aren’t stopping there. Damn!  K and I had discussed having a day out to Blackpool in order to do some Xmas shopping!

To be quite honest with you I didn’t grasp any of her explanation as to why this prevented us from catching a train to B and why they were running buses instead, so we then had to retrace our steps to the bus station and catch a bus home.

so a successful dressing gown quest at last! Hurrah! That’s one Christmas present out of the way! 

TG  Open-mouthed


2 thoughts on “Quest for the Dressing Gown…a successful conclusion at last!

  1. Phew! You two do cover a lot of ground.  I love the stripy dressing gown, glad you ran it to earth.
    I have just got 2 Simon Beckett books from Amazon.  Can’t wait to finish my present rather tiresome book, and get stuck in.

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