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Been too busy this week to blog!


Wondering where I’ve been? No? Oh well never mind! Well actually I have been pretty busy this week with other things.                                                                                                                             We began the week by doing a practice photo shoot on our way down to do the shopping on Monday.  The plan is to do a sort of film of K taking off the opening sequence of ‘Last of the Mohicans’ where Daniel Day Lewis and the other two Indians are chasing through the trees hunting a deer. Its actually called ‘The Hunt’ on my music CD of the films soundtrack, and K will be playing the part of Hawkeye.

Here she comes! Lookout deer! K with invisible gun!

Of course we will need a toy rifle for her to carry, and we have been discussing her wearing a long black wig to give more authenticity!  So we did a sort of practice run on our way down. I intend to make the finished article with Movie Maker some time in the future.   She absolutely loves doing anything like this, she is a born actress, and it broke her heart when she didn’t get past the audition for another year at ‘Mind the Gap’.  It broke mine as well. Down’s Syndrome people do seem to grasp the whole acting idea, and they do tend to be very good at it.

Vaulting over the log K style! I fear for any animal in the vicinity!

When I finally finish it, I will post it up on both Flickr and probably Soapbox as well.

I also had a big pre Christmas clearout of accumulated objects which seem to have multiplied over the last year or so, and ended up also having daughter do the same in her bedroom. (She does seem to hoard stuff like plastic bags, bus tickets, pieces of paper containing bits of writing, pens etc, but  I was horrified on Tuesday when I found loads of plastic bags full of clothes stuffed under her bed!)  smile_thinking

So I took them all out and placed them on top of her bed for her to sort through and hang in the correct place, her wardrobe. I was really annoyed about this, as it isn’t long ago that I had a big tidy in her bedroom and had asked her not to accumulate bits of paper in her drawers, wardrobe, etc, but as usual my pleas had been ignored. Her bedroom is far too small to allow for hoarding stuff, so I had to be firm about it.  

When she returned from day care, I helped her to sort it all into a big black bin bag. Of course she spent the entire time we were sorting things out with a face like thunder and bottom lip extended, but I ignored it!  Anyway as luck would have it, she needed me to burn a CD that someone had lent her so she couldn’t get too angry about the enforced clear out! smile_wink

I had already done a similar drastic tidy of my bedroom on the Monday, and disposed of anything that I don’t use/need anymore.  Most of my clutter consisted of old universal remotes and a different assortment of leads for the computer and so on.  By doing my own clear out on the Monday, I had managed to pre-empt the dustbin men who visit on a Tuesday morning, but as I didn’t find the mess stashed under K’s bed until Tuesday, her discarded things are now waiting in the dustbin outside for collection.

So that has really been all this week, oh yes!  Today I finally managed to see the Physiotherapist on the correct day! (to assorted gags and leg pulls from the office staff) She has given me some more Pilates exercises to do and marked my next appointment in very big numbers with  a square around it!  I will put it in my calendar and also as a reminder on my phone and then I really have no excuse to plod down there on the wrong day have I? 

See you all later and keep blogging!

TG  Open-mouthed


One thought on “Been too busy this week to blog!

  1. Hiya T.G.  Sounds like you have been busy.  The film sounds like a fun idea.  You must say when it is finished, so I can have a look, Pen.

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