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I’m Hibernating!

I haven’t been posting as much recently  because there really hasn’t been much to post about! This time of year is always a little bit of a downer for me, I don’t like going out in this horrible weather, in fact, I do a sort of semi-hibernation! Sad

Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day here, and I was annoyed with myself for not going out armed with my camera, as when we did venture out for some shopping in the late afternoon, the trees in the park were looking at their best all decked out in some fabulous autumn colours.

We have recently sent off for a Elf outfit for K who is going as one to a fancy dress party at the day care centre in December. The theme is obviously  Christmas or Panto.  We decided on the Elf outfit because she already has an Elf hat complete with Elf ears sticking out.

Santa's little helper?

It takes an awful lot to motivate me in winter time I’m afraid so my posts will probably be few and far between as there really isn’t much to post about, and I don’t like posting about mundane subjects such as what we ate for dinner etc.  I will try and keep up with all of your posts, but if I don’t comment then do please understand the reason why.  I can’t really do much about my SAD unfortunately as now that I am on these tablets for my heart, I am not allowed to take any anti-depressants.

Just wish that we hibernated instead of choosing this time of year to go plodding around busy shops doing Christmas shopping in such atrocious weather!  I vote we move Christmas to the summer when its warmer (well supposedly warmer!) or of course I suppose that I could always move down under to Australia!

TG  I dont know 

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4 thoughts on “I’m Hibernating!

  1. Sorry you got the bad weather blues.  K looks great in her elf hat.  Don’t worry about not blogging often.  Just do what you can when you feel up to it, Pen.

  2. Ah, I thought I could hear you snoring LOL.
    I know what SAD is like…hits me this time of year too….and yes we should do Christmas during the warm weather.
    I hate the dull, dreary, wet and windy weather.  I think I will join you in your hibernation.
    K looks adorable in her elf hat!!
    Post when you feel up to it….and know that I will always be here, I understand exactly how you are feeling.  Blah!!
    Take Care

  3. The way you two have been shuttling round the UK recently I shouldn’t that a little hibernation will come amiss!  Sorry to hear about the SAD; I feel it’s `there but for the grace etc’ for me, I have been trying to work my way through it, but sometimes feel like knuckling under.  Simon Beckett to look forward to at the end of the day has helped.
    K. makes a smashing elf.  I hope she has some tricks up her sleeve for the party.
    Love B.

  4. I hate this time of year too… It’s just so cold lately. Turned the heating up today. Think I’ll join you and hybernate too.

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