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A dank, dark and dismal day!


Today, well this morning actually, we ventured out (me very reluctantly) in weather that I tend to refer to as ‘Wuthering Heights’ weather, windy, gusty, rain squalls, etc.  Just to cheer myself up a bit I took the camera along even though we were only going down to just do some shopping at Tesco’s.

Took a few panoramic pictures of the park which I should really have taken the other day when it was sunnier.  The trees are now really shedding their leaves, the ground was covered with them, and K and I ended up with very muddy shoes as the park was like a quagmire, made worse no doubt by the fact that it doubles up as a football pitch for the local teams.

K practices her vaulting.

It was like walking in a bog in some areas, and made me regret taking that route through from the tennis courts entrance.  K plodded on behind me trying to negotiate the best route through all the mud.  She also had another practice at vaulting over the log for the video we intend to create sometime in the future.  We didn’t need all that much shopping and were soon exiting Tesco’s and making our way to the bus station.  On the way there K bought herself a steak pasty for her tea from Greggs.  She loves them and when she warmed it up this teatime it smelt wonderful!  I can’t have anything like that, worse luck!  I sat down to a salad instead!  No wonder I am wilting with all the lettuce leaves I eat!

So, a horrible day weather wise, dank, dark, dismal, dreary, depressing, daunting, drab, and I am glad to be indoors!  We are off to the hairdressers tomorrow, just for a wash,cut and blow dry, although in my case, I probably won’t be having much cut off, it is still very short from my last visit.

Keep cosy and keep warm won’t you? 

TG  Sad


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2 thoughts on “A dank, dark and dismal day!

  1. Hiya T.G.  I have ventured across boggy ground myself and it is no laughing matter.  It is a bit hard to retain your dignity, Pen.

  2. Well you will be able to visualise both of us then, I was leading and stating ‘Step where I step’ to K who was gingerly stepping her way through the mud behind me.

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