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Some good news amongst the Gloom!

K and I have seen some wonderful news to cheer us up during these cold winter months!  We’re getting our new swimming baths at last!  Hurrah!  And even better, they are going to be built just a ten minute walk away from where we live!

Good News! Hurrah!

Of course there have been plenty of objections about its siting but luckily this proposed siting has been passed.  The new swimming baths is to be placed where the tennis courts are currently in our local park.  Its an ideal spot to be honest as it will then be incorporated into the area which houses  the bowling green and the crazy golf.  The tennis courts don’t get used much so I am not sure what the plans are regarding the provision of tennis facilities.

We are over the moon!  Honestly we were going to get a new swimming pool ages ago way back when we governing our own local area and had our own  mayor, town hall, etc. Then we were ‘swallowed up’ into the greater ‘Calderdale’ Authority and H received the new swimming pool instead of us whilst we had to continue with our old Victorian building which became over the years too hard to maintain. Its been a bone of contention every since by the residents of this little town!

So practically a stones throw away!  We can’t wait to go swimming again so this is excellent news! Open-mouthed


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9 thoughts on “Some good news amongst the Gloom!

  1. With our weather! Of course indoors, wouldn’t go down too well swimming outdoors in the rain and cold that we have had this year! 😉

  2. I am so happy for you and K… Hope it doesn’t take ages to build it. Glad it’s an indoor one… With the summer we had last year, no one would use it if it wasn’t!

  3. Great news, TG, especially when we hear of so many pools closing.  Looking forward to knowing what floats the boat for you and K. With pics, please!

  4. As I can’t send you a message Tom because of the way you have your spaces set up, I will have to reply here. Thanks for your comments and we can’t wait!

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