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Santa’s Little Helper?


On Friday K’s outfit arrived at last for her Christmas party at the day care centre. She was so exited and of course after hastily unpacking it, she had to try it on.

I expected that I was going to have to make some massive adjustments as it was pictured being worn by a rather tall looking man on the website where we ordered it from, but to my amazement the trousers aren’t too long after all so that is one job less.

Who's that Elf? 

The sleeves are a trifle too long, but in order to shorten them, I will lose the green ‘cuff’ so I don’t quite know what to do about them at the moment.

We sent for a large size, and although she has lost some weight, the top only just fastens. It is only very thin material as well, so as it will probably be quite cold she will have to wear some clothes underneath the outfit.

Ear, ear! Santa's Little Helper.

As you can plainly see she is pleased as punch and is now requesting some green pointed toed shoes to go with it!  Hmm, costly business, this fancy dress partying!


TG  Eye-rolling


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5 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Helper?

  1. Hello TG, I have given you a Marie Antoinette award, which was passed to me by Joan of Joans New Musings.  She would like to know your blog address; I thought it might be safer if you send it to her!  She says she shares a book site with you, but didn’t know you had a blog too.

  2. Hi you will be wondering who I am I asked Bunny for you blog address but have managed to find you by myself. You know me as Jay on Shelfari we have much the same taste in books just wondered how you are as I have not had a note form you in a while.  Love Joan.My blog address is      http://joansnewmusings.blogspot.com/ 

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