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Tinkerbell Feet!

Just a post letting you all know that Santa’s Little Helper (aka K) is now complete with Elf feet for her forthcoming appearance as an Elf at the Fancy Dress party that she is attending in a fortnights time. 

We actually ended up sending for them from the same place as her costume, so I could have bought them all together. As she will be at respite during that week, the whole ensemble will have to be packed into her suitcase and taken with her, so its a good job that they are fairly light in both weight and thickness.

Elf shoes Now she is complete

When she goes to respite during the winter, obviously the clothes that we pack are more substantial.  Jumpers, jeans, etc take up far more room in the suitcase than thinner summer t-shirts for example and weigh far more.  Since my heart attack occurred, I don’t tend to struggle carrying the suitcase downstairs now, I leave it to the Access bus driver to do.

So I will probably take another picture later of her with the entire outfit on.

We were intending to do some shopping this afternoon, but as its snowing (and slippery underfoot) this has been abandoned as K refuses to walk whenever its slippy.  Well she will walk, but very slowly and clinging like a limpet to me.  She has slipped and fallen in the past and pulled me down with her.

Anyway, I have a nice hot Lamb casserole all ready for us to consume for our tea, I do tend to do a lot of casseroles when the winter arrives, just what you need inside in my opinion!

TG  Open-mouthed



2 thoughts on “Tinkerbell Feet!

  1. Mmmmm lamb casserole!  I am pleased to hear you do not do any heavy lifting now.  K must be thrilled her outfit is complete.  Pen.

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