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The full Monty.( or the full Elf!)


As promised here is the full outfit complete with shoes with bells on.  She tried it on last night over her pyjamas and insisted that I take these pictures ‘for my blog’.  She does enjoy it when she is the focus of my blogging and insists on me reading the whole thing out to her before publishing it.

She keeps a diary herself ( a rather large one actually) and insists on recording just about everything that happens during the day, including anything that I  do as well, so when she wakes up, I get usually asked ‘what time did you go in the shower Mum?’ ‘What are we having for tea?’ Where are we going tomorrow?’ and other things of a similar description.

The full outfit Someone looks happy!

I have told her she should begin her own blog but she doesn’t seem too interested in this idea.

Its quite nice outside today, blue sky, sun shining but very cold.  We are doing our shopping when K arrives back from day care.  She has set off this morning dressed up for a Christmas dinner they are having at dance class, and she has taken her camera with her so she must be intending to take some snaps of the proceedings.

TG smile_regular That’s all for now.



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