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What a Week so far!


It’s been a very up and down week for me this week, I am now functioning at dead slow speed, both mentally and physically, and I just wish that they would hurry with the results of my blood test.  Quite what I shall do if it comes back saying my thyroid is running okay I haven’t a clue!

On Tuesday following my visit to the doctor’s to have blood taken, I did some shopping.  K had requested a sandwich from her favourite sandwich shop in town.  I bought and paid for the sandwich.  On my return home whilst siding the shopping, I couldn’t find the sandwich.  Yes you have guessed it, I had left it in the shop on top of the counter.

Luckily the staff there have become friends over the years, and so as soon as we entered the shop today, they asked me about leaving the sandwich and then compensated us by deducting the price of the abandoned sandwich from today’s purchases.  Its just a good job that K and I are so well known around here, and especially in my case, compensations made for my lousy working (non existent at the moment) brain.

Now which cards are K's? Can you guess? We ended up buying some more Christmas cards, me because I have realised that there won’t be enough for me to send of those remaining from last year, and K because she likes to have her own box of cards to send.  I am enclosing some pictures of the boxes of cards that we purchased and no prizes for guessing who’s is who’s.

I do like and prefer the glitter covered Christmas cards, and I always try and send those if they are  available. I think the glitter and ‘sparkle’ adds to the Christmas spirit somehow.

We missed attending our Exercise class last week because of the rotten weather, and today we had donned our exercise outfits all in preparation for a good work out, only to find that it had been postponed because there was a Special Needs Bazaar taking place in the room where the class is held.  So another one missed!  Mind you, how I would have faired doing a work out I can’t imagine, as I am nearly asleep at the keyboard now!

TG Sleepy  Take Care won’t you?


9 thoughts on “What a Week so far!

  1. Hiya T.G. I am sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell. Like you say, a workout is probably not a good idea at the moment. Let’s hope the doctor comes up with a solution. Look after yourself and say "Hi" to K. Pen.

  2. Thanks Penny and my apologies for mixing you up with Pat in my comments on your blog! It’s me slow running brain you see! You should get to the Doc’s A.S.A.P as well. I should hear something soon, it takes about 4 to 5 days to get the results back I think.

  3. You just look after yourself TG. No doubt the doctor will have a list of things to check if the first one doesn’t seem to be the cause. The trouble with missing exercise classes is that you get out of the way of it and have to gently work yourself back in – but maybe after Christmas eh?

  4. Thanks Christine I will try! I honestly hate posting about health problems as I always tend to think that people who only know you through the avenue of online blogging don’t want to read about such things, I much prefer to try and make people laugh or post something that I think they may find interesting. You are so right about the exercise classes and they have now become harder as well! Gulp! I shall have to just keep myself ‘in trim’ by running up the stairs 10 times and doing them in the lounge!

  5. You take care too my friend. So many of my blogging friends have been going for tests and what not just before Christmas. My problems always arise around Easter time. Hope the doc finds what is wrong and can give you something to help.*Hugs and Blessings to you and K*I think we are going to get our snow this weekend and then some really cold weather…that should put me in the mood for Christmas finally. Also feel better because hubby and I managed to get over to my mom’s place today and clean and set up her tree. She was very grateful. And, I am thankful because that is done….now to tackle my own messy house and set up our tree. Still haven’t written the Christmas cards yet. Probably too late for overseas ones now…guess I will have to call some of my relatives in Germany instead.

  6. I never liked posting about myself and in the first year kept everything hidden. The only thing that did was to build me up and now in hind sight, made me wonder at the time how friends, neighbours and work colleagues couldn’t see how ill I was, making me think they didn’t care.The truth was, not just for the first year but until almost the middle of this one, I just didn’t look ill,with my ruddy complexion hiding a lot in my face and the fact I always had baggy fleece jackets hiding my ever diminishing waistline.The only problem when I did make it public was that I then felt that some became patronising and wanted to pamper me which I didn’t really want. All I wanted, as I see now, was to unburden what was building inside. In that part of things, sharing definitely helped.You have all my thoughts, as have Aunt Jane, Penny and the many of my other Friends who are carrying similar burdens at this special time of year as well as daily.Look after yourself, and although it doesn’t work, "TRY" not to worry.Take CareLove and WishesBarry, Tessa & the gang

  7. Thanks Barry_Tessa for those kind words of advise. I have now found out that it isn’t my thyroid running slow,so off to the Doc’s first thing Monday morning to have a chat with her and see what she thinks. I shall take myself by the scruff of the neck and hoist myself up, shake myself down and try my damnedest to rally round as best I can. But you are right. there is a lot to be said for that old saying ‘A trouble shared is a trouble halved’ it does help to share your concerns. Take care TG

  8. Thanks Pat. Some mysterious goings on with our comments eh? Thanks for the kind thoughts and I plan to keep myself as busy as possible. Take care TG

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