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Off into the wide blue yonder.

Here’s some pics of K off to respite care in the Access bus. Note the happy smiling face. Glad to see the back of her morose neurotic Mum no doubt!

Happy to go. She's the only one on the bus!

The windows of the Access bus were so dirty that you can hardly see her and will have to look closely.  She has taken the Elf outfit with her packed in the case, which weighed a ton by the way owing to the thick jumpers that we had to pack.  She was on the bus by herself and so looks somewhat lost. She will ring me when she arrives there as always.

So, all by my lonesome now for a week! Will have to keep myself occupied both mentally and physically.

TG Wave


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3 thoughts on “Off into the wide blue yonder.

  1. Dear Lady,I’m sure you will be okay for this week — If all else fails have a chat with your internet community friends.PS: Have you tried Inkscape (www.inkscape.org) or Gimp (www.gimp.org) software yet?.. if you like drawing stuff or manipulating photos -for free- you may try it.Summer in my greetings.

  2. Hi, Gran…..ran over to see what’s going on. On one hand, I’m glad it’s not your thyroid, but on the other, it still leaves you in the dark. Yes, as someone else said, ck for anemia, and also ck for mono. But you know, these symptoms also go with other things you said about not enjoying your alone time when K is away; that it used to be ok but now isn’t; that the roles seem to be reversing. These are also symptoms of depression and with those is the undeniable fatigue. If this feeling has been going on longer than 3 weeks, you might need a bit of a antidepressant to get you over the rough spots. Then talk, talk, and talk some more and also try to get yourself to do some long walks. Easier said than done, I know, but push yourself to do that. And as Nozee said below, chat with all of us as much as you want. You really aren’t alone at all, sweetie.

  3. Oh dear… How did I miss this post yesterday? I know I missed it or I’d have left a comment… as usual.Typical K… She looks happy to be off… You will survive… we are all here and don’t forget you can message chat some of us too, if you want to.

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