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It’s all change!

Seeing as the rest of Live has had a facelift graphics wise, I thought that my space needed the same! And after seeing someone else’s blog on my other space (well Ryan’s actually) I thought I would use the same theme as he was using as it looked so cool.

I might mess around with it a little bit, as this text is a little bit indistinct because of the themes transparency, so maybe some tweaks are needed.

Do tell me what you think of it won’t you? Do you like this or the previous theme? Can you read the text okay? Is it too flashy for this old granny?

TG Nerd

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9 thoughts on “It’s all change!

  1. I think it’s nice, gran, but I see what you’re saying about the text fading a bit with the transparency. Try using the same text that you used in the previous blog and see if that helps. And is it all too flashy? Oh, heck no! Live it up!

  2. I forgot something. I think Maurice has left and taken his space with him. Here’s hoping he’ll come back; he was a very nice guy.

  3. Thanks Jenny for your comments, I might tinker about with the transparency level, I think you can adjust it. Sorry about Maurice leaving, my note to him will go unread then!

  4. Your new theme looks nice. I don’t like this text though; it takes a bit more longer to read through. Maybe you can use it occasionally, but I don’t like reading through that much. Spaces overall looks much nicer with the update.

  5. Transparency was also a problem on the previous version, often allowing the background to bleed through pictures and text. I don’t know much about this. I tend to write stories or rants without having much need for special effects, so readability is my primary concern. Photos and friendship with a small group of "friends" had become the norm for older bloggers. I’ll certainly play with all the features on a secondary closed blog, but, beyond that, whatever one finds most satisfying to produce should really the measure used.Peace, Doc

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