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I’m back from the Doc’s

I think that most of you will have already guessed what the prognosis would be regarding my visit to the doctor’s. Depression. Sad  So I am back taking anti-depressants, although this time not the same ones as I used to take before. I am now taking Citalopram 20 mg, whereas previously I was taking Amitriptyline tablets.  Apparently these are considered ‘old’ anti-depressants and have negative effects on the heart which is why I was informed after my heart attack that I could no longer take them.

She also prescribed me some E45 cream for my horrid itchy eczema and a large tub of Aqueous cream for the shower.  She is a luvvy.  She spent a good 10 minutes talking to me, took the time to explain the reason why following a heart attack the older types of anti-depressants are considered to be not suitable, and even printed me out a leaflet about these new ones that she has prescribed because as per usual I couldn’t make up my mind whether or not to ‘soldier on’ without taking any, or take them.

She also warned me that I won’t feel any benefit for about a fortnight.  So.  Another pill to pop.  Have rung K (she had rung me but I must have been down at the Doc’s) and told her how I went on.  She doesn’t seem to like any of the bedrooms at her respite care home.  Remember last time when she spent the first few days ‘bedroom hopping’ for one reason or another?  Well the one that she is in now is also not to here liking.  Apparently she can’t get to sleep because of ‘banging pipes’ keeping her awake.  So she will no doubt be pestering the staff to move her to another bedroom!

Brrr! It was freezing!

Took my camera down with me (don’t quite know why) and took some pictures on my journey down to the doctors. It was bitterly cold and I have tried vainly to capture that. Then once I had got my prescriptions, I ventured into our local Wilkinson’s to take their many different and varied decorations and other Christmas things, followed by the usual pictures of all the Christmas buns  and goodies in our local bakery shops. Looks like Black and gold is the new colour this year for all your Christmas tree decorations as there were lots of it about on the shelves. Pictures are below in my photos.

TG Camera  Take care and keep warm!


11 thoughts on “I’m back from the Doc’s

  1. Just read your blog TG. First part was what most of us thought the Doc would say, second part made me smile although in a way I suppose you will worry about her not settling down.Thanks for all the work you put into those instructions on my behalf. All spelling is now correct and I have trid with and without the cid- bit on the front but no matter what I get the same result. I have tried and tried from my chair and then laid on the bed for nearly an hour trying but got no different results than before. Maybe it is just me and Spaces have decided to make it awkward for all the complaining I have been doing.back for another lay down as this kidney is killing my ribs and pelvis.Take Care and try and catch you again before I disappear.Love and WishesBarry and Tessa

  2. ‘Afternoon, gran. I’m really glad they found the right meds for you, and actually, I thought they would. I remember the "old" ones and they were not right for anyone who’d had heart surgery, but tg for medical technology and new meds. You’ll be in MUCH better spirits in a week or maybe even less.K’s room sounds awful; banging pipes would wake the dead; I hope she makes enough complaints so that they’ll move her to another room and let her get some good sleep.I’ve got a question for you. I know by the Live Teams notes that HTML’s have been stopped in guestbooks (no button anymore), but I’ve also noticed that some ppl have been able to post one on a guestbook. I haven’t seen many, but I’ve seen them, and they were posted within the last few days. On one of the spaces, I clicked into guestbook to see if that button was still there for them, but it wasn’t, so how did any of these html comments get posted? I really miss that feature and even removed my guestbook because of it. If you have an idea, let me know, ok?Cya soon, gran xxx

  3. Depression takes many guises. Your doctor certainly does sound a luvvy. A real comfort. I have a battery of creams and unguents; the layers of clothes I have to wear in this chilly house don’t agree with my skin. I avoid wool like the plague, fleece is marvellous. K. sounds as if she is asserting herself. Good for her, nothing worse than sleep deprivation.That’s a very chilly photo!Bunny xx

  4. Hey TG,Depression is such an interesting thing, I can suffer from it pretty heavily at times, and then completely not at other times. I hope it turns out good for you. Your new profile pi cir really sweet.Most importantly though I have to say that I love the photo you added to your post, I like starring at it, it has a “haunting” feel to it.

  5. Yes it is a bit ‘spooky’ isn’t it? On the right is a very overgrown graveyard and if you notice the road is still the old cobbles of Victorian times. You could almost close your eyes and picture the horse and carraiges going down here into town. I wanted to’capture’ the cold, which is why the very weak sun is shown behind the trees, and I also liked the patterns that this created.

  6. Hiya T.G. I am just about catching up. It is good to know what your problem is and there is a pill for it. Here’s hoping they kick in soon. I love the photo; very brooding. Pen.

  7. AS one granny to another and you certainly don’t sound old ……… my sympathies, have some of those preps in my cupboard too!! plus blood pressure tabs!! BUT as one young granny to another ……. hows the bike going never bought one myself but still ride pillion as often as weather permits! Love the spaceKeep on keeping on!Ps the aqueous cream is way better than any moisturising shower cream/jel! slap it on all over then get in the shower! (forget the jels!)

  8. Eeerrrrmm sorry I seem to have been having a blonde moment (or 3) Was writing message and noticed bike comment, in your guest book …… thought it was profile details ……..I’ll go now shall I ……… hehehe(yeah I know I can delete but what would be the fun in that?)

  9. I’m sure that the doctor taking time to talk to you as an intelligent patient is a great help – time is as valuable as any medication sometimes. You just take care of yourself. And that young lady of yours certainly seems to be good at training the respite care. They will certainly know why you need to have a holiday from her sometimes, lovely and caring though she is.

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