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Help the Animals this Winter.

Here is a video showing what some of the animals who are outside in the cold would like for Christmas.

Have a look here at  http://www.bbc.co.uk/breathingplaces/doonething/christmas/


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3 thoughts on “Help the Animals this Winter.

  1. I’m our there first thing every morning with a bucket of seed, nuts and raisins that I place on a large platform hubby erected low enough for me to reach but high enough to keep the cats from jumping up. We have squirrels (three families come), stellar jays, finches….and the other night even a bear came….so to deter he bear I go out as soon as it gets dark and scrape off the remaining seeds into a bucket and bring them in. Don’t want bears hanging around as the conservation guys if they get wind of it would come and deal with them…most times instead of relocating them they put them down and I would hate for that to happen. Hopefully they will go into hibernation soon. At least three times a day I have to go and break up the ice in the bird bath for the critters as our temperatures are extremely cold.Hope you are taking care of yourself….*Hugs*Karin

  2. I agree with Karin – I have my family of badgers, which many people would like to cull. They have dog food, scraps, stale bread , and above all, pasta! There is also a wealth of dickies in the daytime, so much as I would like a cat…………Bears? No.

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