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Ruled by the Weather.

What has amazed me these last few days is just how much my mood and well being is influenced by the weather. Yesterday when I did my annual posting of Christmas cards tour it turned out to be a lovely sunny day, and today it has been a welcome repeat.  Just the sight of the sun and I have become a different person! Okay, its weak and emanates no warmth at all, but I am amazed at the effect that it has on my well being!

I went down into town again this morning, it was chilly but not as cold as it has been. Not the ‘creep through your bones’ kind of cold thank goodness after which I usually take a good two or three hours to thaw out from. Sad

Winter sunshine in the park I took the camera with me again and took some snaps of the park looking all forlorn and empty of children, then into Tesco’s for a few bits and pieces ( I hardly seem to need much when K is not in residence, I can’t think why!) where I also took some pictures of all the Christmas plants on sale.  I love Poinsettia’s they always remind me of Christmas time, in fact if I could have carried it, I would have purchased one.  Might buy one on Sunday when we do our main shop and always get a taxi home.

Then into the town itself where I bought a pizza slice from Hartley’s for my dinner (shouldn’t really eat it, and will no doubt be paying the price this afternoon and evening with griping tummy pains and bloated silhouette!) followed by buying another treat that I also shouldn’t have, a ‘Galaxy ‘mistletoe kisses’ chocolate bar (oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound I always say!) Winking 

I swear his tum gets bigger every year! Since arriving home, I have given the bathroom a good scrub and then spent my time uploading the pictures I took to Flickr and my Live Spaces blog.

This afternoon, I might read a book or watch some of my recordings from my PVR.  K has rung me with a report that one of her friends had been ill this morning in the day care centre and she was quite upset.  It’s her fancy dress party tomorrow, and I have asked her to take lots of photos with her camera, so I will put them on Flickr and Live Spaces as soon as I can following her return on Friday.

So, looks like if I want to stay happy and gay, I have very little choice but to ‘up sticks’ and go and live where it is sunny all year round!

TG Sigh Keep blogging won’t you?


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9 thoughts on “Ruled by the Weather.

  1. TG,Yes so very true about the weather! Along with it comes the feeling that when the trees and flowers have all went into their Winter hibernation period I know that it makes me feel shallow and incomplete. Although, I think as I age what used to be a favorite season of mine is now on my not so favorites. Do not mis-understand me….I am all about promoting the reason behind the season but I think I have become burned out on the whole over commercialization of Christmas. I wish it would go back to the way it used to be when I was growing up and more emphasis on the season rather than the whole "what do I want for Christmas" and start focusing on what each of us can do to make someone elses Christmas a little brighter this year!Thank you for sharing this with each of us! Be blessed and stay warm my friend!Greg

  2. Glad you are feeling better and like you I think the weather does affect our moods. Glad you got out and about yesterday. Hope K friend gets better and can’t wait to see her pictures. Have another good day. Hugs, Pat

  3. I couldn’t agree more Greg! It has lost its meaning and everything that we used to enjoy about it. It is now too commercialised, and as far as the children are concerned, they are bombarded with ads for toys and ‘must haves. Remember when we were children, unless we visited a toy shop, we didn’t know what toys were what! We only had the radio in those days and I can’t remember advertising at all! But somehow Christmas was so magical in those days.

  4. I’m so sorry I haven’t been commenting. For some reason you only show up on my Google Reader once ina blue moon.Just been reading. Citalopram are quite good Sandra and that’s a nice starter dose you are on so hopefully it will be enough and get you back on an even keel. I keep Christmas, simple and quiet and always have done. No big fuss.

  5. Glad the sun has helped you feel better… It’s still very cold here… The sun popped out for a bit, but not for long. Take care.

  6. Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful comments. Actually I am now beginning to realise that owing to the effect that even a weak glimpse of the sun has on my wellbeing, I might actually be better having one of those ‘sun lamps’ prescibed instead of taking anti-depressants! After all as we are all well aware, they always have side effects attached to them don’t they? A couple of hours sat under a sun lamp during the dark and dismal winter months and I would no doubt be a changed person!

  7. Ruled by the weather – do l know what you’re talking about! l generaly get depressed shortly after X-mas and it can last until mid April. Feels like a LONG time. l can also get depressed for a short time in the middle of summer if the high heat and humidity has forced me to mostly stay inside with the air on and the curtians closed. Wish l could order the weather…lol.The only thing that helps, a tiny bit, is to not blame myself. And to lower the bar – expect less from myself – much less.l hope you find something that’s helpful. lf you don’t, remember to ask for support – your doctor, friends online, your kids, telephone help lines. lt can be hard to talk to family. Sometimes talking with a therapist can be extremely helpful. At least it has been for me. l hope your winter isn’t too long. Also, TG there are new studies on vitimen D the sunshine drug.

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