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Santa’s Little Helper.


Just to bring some Christmas cheer and to wish all of my Spaces friends a very merry Christmas and  a happy new Year.

Santa's Little Helper Xmas Collage

TG Open-mouthed


8 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Helper.

  1. Thank you for the good wishes… K looks super and really happy.Hope you are still feeling better today? There’s no sun out here in the Fens… it’s a miserable damp cold day and I have to go out shopping. Good job the heater in my car works well! If I had to go by bus, I would cancel Christmas – LOL

  2. She has to be the cutiest elf I’ve ever seen. She looks so happy playing the part. Hope these few lines find you feeling better. Its foggy and raining here today not much of a mood picker upper!! Take Care and again Merry Christmas. Hugs, Pat

  3. TG,Marvelous photo…..looks like you were having some great fun doing that one! Be blessed and enjoy the season!BTW, that was an awesome screencast that you released to assist everyone learn more about how to use the new Live Spaces.Be blessed,Greg

  4. Lovely Christmas card – says it all. My daughter has low seratonin levels, and is permanently on Reboxatine; dunno how it behaves with heart problems though.I expect you’re looking forwards to K’s return very soon?Hoping for plenty of sunshine, even if it does get cold again.

  5. Thank yo Stuart for the comment. Red and green always remind me of Christmas time, and this collage is full of those colours.

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