I’ve turned into a right Twit!

Of course there are plenty who know me who would probably agree with this sentiment and will say that I have always been a bit of a twit, but I am not talking here about my predisposition to often act like an idiot.  No, I am referring to my latest craze taking up my time, Twittering on Twitter.

When I first tried out Twitter  quite a while ago, I was honestly completely confused by the whole thing, and couldn’t see what all the interest and ravings were all about. To me, it seemed like a group of individuals (usually males) all talking in sentences to each other in a strange language that this Granma could not make head nor tale of.  Not only that, as a typical female who always tends to have a lot to say, I had real problems with being able to give an answer or converse with anyone using just 140 letters, and so kept ‘butting up’ against that limitation as well.  How could I possibly get said what I wanted to say in so few words?

My Twitter page


Most of the sentences that you read tended to be liberally peppered with strange symbols and words such as # @ bit, tinyurl, http, etc, but the most confusing part was that you could only see peoples answers to other people, you couldn’t see what they were actually answering or talking about, so a one sided view of a two part conversation, similar to listening to someone on the phone.  It didn’t make any sense!  I couldn’t make head nor tail of it, and so at first I couldn’t see what the attraction was or visualise that I would be able to use or take to it at all.  After all, how could you possibly follow anything when all you were seeing were sentences such as


1. yes thanks I found it.

2. What do you mean?

3. That’s alright then!

4. Thanks.

5. Is it? Hey that’s great! Thanks.

At first I tried to make sense of it all by reading the answer, then trying to go to the person’s page who was at the other end of the conversation,  but this didn’t always work as then I had to search amongst that persons ‘twitter’ conversations to find the first person whose original sentence I had read in the first instance.  (Hope you are all following this!)


But then my attitude towards Twitter began to  change.  I discovered Twhirl, a desktop application that allows you to receive, reply and view all of your tweets from your followers and those that you follow.  I also realised that there was quite a lot of useful information being ‘tweeted’ about which this info hungry Granny was interested in.  I was tending to see any new announcements on Twitter about new applications and new launches etc before it became available elsewhere!

Not only that, but I was also gaining followers despite the fact that compared to everyone else on there, I know precisely nothing!  wOOt!  For those of you who are reading this blog and are now completely confused and bewildered by most of this post, followers are other Twitters who choose to keep up with your Twitter posts.  You can then return the compliment by following them. I have had more snippets of information on what is going on via Twitter than via any other method, and now I am an avid user! 


I am now trying out another desktop application for Twitter that I really like called TweetDeck.  It is working really well with Windows 7.  It takes up a little bit more room on your desktop than Twhirl, and I have tried to make it smaller by cutting down the columns and making them narrower, but I do like it. It looks really good and I love the noise (a bird call) when you receive someone’s Twitter! 

So that’s my new must have social networking application (which of course also  shows in the updates whenever I post a TWITTER or anyone in my Network in my ‘What’s new with your Network’  on Windows Live as well!) 

The only big problem I am left still pondering over though is this:  what is the descriptive noun for someone who uses Twitter, is it a Twitterer or a Twit? 

Why don’t you give Twitter a try?

TG Open-mouthed

I’m suddenly in great demand! I wonder Why?

I have recently received yet another invite to take part in another medical trial, this time in Leeds. This second one is being organized by UK Biobank on behalf of the NHS. It does seem to be a similar thing as the one I am attending at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. I have to take my medical details with me including a completed questionnaire about my medical history, such as any major operations, family history, how much I weighed when I was born, was I breastfed,etc etc.

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary
Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

I also have to take my current medication along with me of course, and it states that it will take roughly 90 minutes in the assessment centre.  I will have some tests done such as blood and urine samples taken as well as my heart checked and my weight and height etc will be measured. With this particular medical trial if I am deemed suitable, my health will then be monitored from now until I suppose I leave this mortal coil.

Of course I intend to go, but it has puzzled me somewhat. Why am I suddenly in such great demand for all these medical trials?  What is it about me now that warrants this sudden interest in my health and well being with such close scrutiny and monitoring?  When I asked my GP about the first trial, the one involving testing a new treatment for lowering cholesterol in post heart attack patients, she confessed that she hadn’t actually put my name forward, nor were GP’s ever consulted as to which of their patients were suitable for trials such as this, but they were obviously kept informed if a patient had been contacted and chosen for a particular trial.

Leeds Assessment Centre
Leeds Assessment Centre

So I have had to come to the conclusion that the reason why I am suddenly in such demand must be because of my heart attack. Its the only possible explanation that I can come up with! After all, no one was the slightest bit interested in me or my medical history pre-heart attack! I had never been invited to take part in anything let alone a clinical trial or a major medical research project. Makes me feel quite important actually, and pleased that at last I can make some sort of contribution to society before I exit it stage left. (or right as he above dictates.)

The UK Biobank venue is quite easy to get to as the building itself is just a short walk from where K and I disembark from the bus whenever we go to see her dentist at the Dental Hospital in Leeds. Its also positioned fairly close to the Train station, so we could catch a train to get there. I shall probably decide the method of transport to use in order to reach my destination nearer the time. I still haven’t got around to doing a ‘dummy run’ to the hospital at Huddersfield either, but as K will be in respite when I attend that appointment then I shall either be going alone or with my youngest son if he happens to be available on that day.

So, in demand at last! It’s taken all of 64 years, but as I always say, better late than never!

TG Open-mouthed



The Quest for a ……….read on!

Despite the fact that it is bitterly cold today , K and I have been out on one of our quests.  What on earth would tempt Technogran to venture out in the freezing cold I hear you all ponder. (or not as the case may be.)

Is it something that she has longed to own? Indeed, is it even for her?  Well actually you might have already guessed which one of us requested today’s shopping venture out in the frozen wastes of Yorkshire, and which one of us was the reluctant member of the party.  With an insistence that we must go today because life could not continue otherwise, K argued that she desperately needed a new towel and a new sweat shirt top to replace the one I recently insisted that she bin, simply because it was falling to bits, yet always seemed to be her chosen ‘item I must wear’ every time we ventured anywhere we really needed to make a good impression on someone. Sigh

Boy, was I glad that I had put my tatty hat on my head when we were stood at the bus stop patiently waiting for the bus to arrive.  We were headed to Bradford Forster square where we prefer to do all our ‘mixed bag’ shopping. Other people obviously had more sense that us, as it was pretty quiet as we made our way to TKMax for a hunt for a replacement  towel.  Of course the home items were upstairs.  Isn’t it always the case that no matter what item you are looking for, its always the furthest away from the entrance?  K ended up choosing a cream coloured bath towel to replace her ‘falling to bits’ yellow one and then we turned our attention to the replacement sweat shirt top by searching the two Sports shops on the Retail Park.

Her old one was a white Reebok make and so she focused her search on trying to find something similar.  Of course there wasn’t a duplicate to be found anywhere as it must be quite a few years since her old one was purchased.  She ended up in typical K fashion with two replacements (her excuse being that the sales were on) a grey one and a black one.   Also in typical K fashion, they weren’t from the women’s department but from the men’s.  (She prefers them baggy)  Trouble is that they then end up far too long in the sleeves for her, as in perfect harmony with her short legs, she has short arms as well.  We parents of Downs Syndrome children and adults are still patiently waiting for a clothes manufacture to make clothes that perfectly fit our offspring! 

Then we decided to do one of our ‘runarounds’ because we hadn’t done one for quite some time.  So we retraced our steps back to Forster Square railway station, and luckily didn’t have long to wait for the Leeds train.  As always Leeds station was very busy, and after making our way through the new ticket gates, K noticed that there were a lot of policemen stood at the side of the gates in a line.  In fact there were lots of them about all over the station. Now if there is one thing about my daughter, its that she is nosey.  She has to know what’s going on and can never be described as ‘backwards at coming forwards’ by any stretch of the imagination!

I knew exactly what she would do.  She went marching up to the tallest policeman in the ‘line up’ and boldly asked him, “What’s going on?”  and as usual got a friendly reply “It’s the football match and that’s why we are all here.” answer to her cheeky query.  Afterwards I bitterly regretted not taking a picture of her stood next to him in the line up as I could have placed all sorts of comical captions underneath such as ‘the long and the short arm of the law’ or ‘ spot the odd one out’ etc, etc.

We had our lunch in K’s favourite restaurant MickyD’s, which has been completely refurbished since our last visit but now lacks a loo. (Notice here dear readers that we seem to be having a bit of a ‘loo’ thread running through my recent posts made so far this year!)  Then K went and bought the tickets for the journey home and then after a visit to the loo, we sauntered to platform 13B for our train and on arriving back in our town, we caught the next bus home.  K is thrilled with her purchases (as she always is) and I have spent the time since trying to thaw out and composing this blog.

Hope it doesn’t bore you all too much!

TG I dont know




A Grand Day Out……on the Leeds/Carlisle railway

Yesterday K and I embarked on one of our usual train trips which took in the fantastic route of the Leeds/Carlisle railway, one of the most picturesque train journeys that you can travel on in Yorkshire, and one that I have longed to make for quite sometime.

The day before didn’t bode well as we had some snow in the afternoon and evening, which left me quietly muttering to myself questions such as ‘Why whenever we are going anywhere does it have to be like this?’ but luckily by the time morning arrived it had brightened up considerably, the snow had not settled, and so it was ‘all go’ for another day out!  (k the weather forecaster had been quietly confident that we would get a clear sunny day, and as is usual with her forecasts she turned out to be correct, again!  Hmm, I am seriously considering at this point loaning her out to the metrological office.)

We're not even in Leeds yet!

After setting off from our local train station at 09.33 precisely, we landed in Leeds station as planned, and following a quick toilet break we made our way onto platform 5C to board the Leeds/Carlisle train.  We were journeying with some more members of Crew, which is the local support organisation run in our authority for post heart attack care. There were only eight of us making this journey together from Crew.  I was quite surprised that there were so many available seats on the train and we took advantage of this and  spread ourselves out to enjoy the journey in comfort.

I was very dubious about taking photographs from inside the train of the emerging views.  I couldn’t really see that they would turn out to be okay taken from through the train windows which weren’t very clean, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. Okay, they are not as good as we would have obtained by being outside of the train obviously,  but nevertheless they do capture the stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales that this particular line passes through.

We arrived in Carlisle at 13.29pm with the entire journey from Leeds having taken approximately just under two and a half hours.  Not bad considering that the train stopped at most stations on the way.  K and I had taken our lunch with us, her a sandwich and myself a piece of pizza from our favourite bakery shop plus some drinks as well.  We did this to save time as we only had just under three hours to spend in Carlisle and didn’t want to waste time searching for a cafe or restaurant in order to have some lunch plus we couldn’t guarantee that there would be a trolley service provided on the train.

I asked someone where the Castle was (as this was a must see during our short visit,) and we then followed the directions and signposts to the Castle.  First of all we visited the Castle shop, where a very able sales lady behind the counter persuaded me to join the English Heritage which would then allow us to be able to visit other places that we like to visit.  So in future such favourite sites such as Scarborough Castle, York Minster, and the Jorvik Museum will be either available to us for free or at a much reduced rate.

Exploring Carlisle CastleHowever, this all took time as there were forms to fill in in order to join, and subsequently  meant that we had less time to explore the Castle than I would have wished.  We did manage to climb up inside the keep to the topmost floor, but because of the inclement weather (fairly windy) the actual battlements had been closed off. (This was accompanied by the usual mutterings, grumblings and curses under her breath from K about having to climb all the steps which also slowed our progress somewhat as she mounted the keep one small step at a time with numerous pauses in-between for a mutter or two.)

When we exited the Keep I asked K the time and she replied that it was 15.30pm.  Our train was due to go from Carlisle station at 16.18pm, and as I had not timed how long it took us to arrive at the Castle from the station I felt that we should begin to make the return journey. So, we ended up only looking round the keep and didn’t get chance to see the rest of the Castle. By this time it had also begun to rain plus being very cold as well.

By the time we arrived back at Carlisle station it became evident that K had looked at her watch wrongly as it was only 15.30pm.  So in order to kill time waiting for our train, we went into the only cafe on the station to have a warm cup of tea and thaw out.  K also bought a sandwich to eat on the train for her tea.  I didn’t do the same as I knew that I would already be feeling the consequences from having the piece of pizza on the journey here and I didn’t want to ‘push my luck’ by including any more wheat and gluten!  Whilst we were in the cafe, an announcement came over the tannoy that the Virgin Pedello train was due to arrive, so I quickly picked up my camera and dashed out to take some pictures of it arriving.  I would normally  never get the opportunity to do this in our neck of the woods as it only runs up the West Coast main line from Euston station to Glasgow.


When it was time to board our train we made our way to the platform where we were instructed by the train staff to board the first two carriages as the third one was broken down and had all of its lights off, so was unavailable to ‘walk through’.  But it wasn’t until the train had actually set off that another of the train staff informed us that if we needed the toilet the one in our carriage was broken, and that because we couldn’t walk through the middle carriage to use the next available working toilet, we would have to get off at a station when the train stopped, get on the back two carriages, use the loo, then wait until the next station to get off again and then return to our own carriages!

What a palaver!  So K and I decided that if we really couldn’t wait then we would get off and make our way to the back two carriages for the toilet but then stay there.  As it happened we did manage to hold out until Leeds which was an absolute wonder on my part, especially as the driver had the heating system turned off with the result that I  didn’t remove my coat the whole journey home.  So the return journey rather spoiled the day somewhat. It might not have seemed quite as bad if we had been able to look out of the train window and admire the at glorious scenery  in order to take our minds of things, but as it was so dark outside you couldn’t see anything!  I actually expected K to go to sleep during the return journey but she stayed awake which was unusual for her.

Apart from that, we had a wonderful day and have vowed to repeat the journey in the future, especially as with K’s Disabled railcard we can make the journey for £13.85 for a Day Ranger ticket, which allows you to make the entire journey and also ‘hop on and hop off’ as many times as  you wish.  You can find out more about this and for tourist information for days out using the Settle –Carlisle Day Ranger ticket at www.northernrail.org with more info about the places to visit on route at www.golakes.co.uk  www.historic.carlisle.org.uk and www.yorkshirevisitor.com for info about the Yorkshire Dales.

I am now looking forward to making a return journey when the weather is more favourable.

TG Open-mouthed

Just a note about my absence on this blog!

Just a quick head’s up about why you have seen no recent posts to this blog.  I am having problems publishing to this particular blog with Writer and as many of my friends on Spaces will be aware, I won’t post without it!
Hopefully with the Writer teams help, things will soon be sorted out and I can get back to updating you all about our recent exciting adventures, fantastic happenings, not to be missed excursions into the wild blue yonder, and other such stuff as my blog is usually full of. (In other words the usual boring lifestyle of a sad and morose individual  Mother/Granny who really needs to get out more!)  Crying
TG  Hope you can all stand the suspense until I am back on track again! But here is a taster of how thrilled my daughter is to be in my company.

An Interview with a Down’s

K and I have been out this morning for an interview about her joining another Acting Company called Full Body and and the Voice.  She did have an Audition with them many years ago but had also auditioned for Mind the Gap at the same time, and despite being accepted at both of them, we felt that Mind the Gap was the preferred choice and she subsequently went there.

K with her favourite eatery behind her. After two years of attendance she didn’t pass the audition for a third year, and since then she has largely been ‘twiddling her thumbs’ here at home doing nothing!  We don’t have a similar set up in our local area, and so we were really thrilled to be contacted last week to ask if K would be interested it a two year course that Full Body and the Voice have introduced now that they have managed to get some additional funding for the next few years. 

We set off to Huddersfield on the bus and reached the Laurence Batley Theatre in good time.  This is where Full Body and the Voice are situated (in an attic!)  When we arrived, K was greeted warmly by everyone there.  She knew quite a few of the others who are already students there.  We were shown into the office, given a cup of tea each plus a brochure full of information about the company and some of their forthcoming plays.  K  and I were asked lots of questions about her acting history.  We had meant to take K’s portfolio showing everything that she did at Mind the Gap but as usual we forgot it!  We were also invited to go along to the next play that they are performing called ‘That was then, this is now’  which is in the evening and we certainly will be doing just that.

K had this for lunch The only stumbling block as always is Transport.  How does K get there and back home again?   She will be expected to attend from 10.00am in the morning to 16.00pm in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.  We did discuss her travelling with one of her friends who’s sister takes him in her car, and we also discussed getting funding for the cost of a taxi to and fro from various sources.  I am also going to discuss the transport funding with K’s social worker to see what he suggests, but there is always a problem with this because she is exiting her own authority to attend, and they are not willing to fund travel expenses in this situation despite the fact that there is no equivalent Theatre Company for actors with special needs in our local authority.

It’s a shame if it all ends in her not being able to participate just because she can’t get there.  I could take her I suppose, but it would be very time consuming if I did do that.  Independent travel by K on this route is a different kettle of fish entirely to the bus journey that she used to make to Mind the Gap.  There she had no roads to cross, she boarded the bus right outside our house, then in the Interchange she just had a short walk inside to the other stop for the bus up to Mind the Gap, where again she had no road to cross, just a short walk down to the building from the bus stop followed by a repeat for the return journey. Plus she was very familiar with the Interchange as we have always been regular visitors to Bradford (and Workwise who taught her the route and myself) instilled in her NOT to leave the Concourse area for any reason.

Inside the Brochure   

It worked out well and she became adept at that particular route.  There were incidents of course during the two years that she attended, she was on the bus twice when it was involved in an accident, which for me wasn’t pleasant being rung up on her mobile by an ambulance attendant, and just before she left Mind the Gap, the Interchange had a bomb scare where I felt absolutely helpless because I couldn’t get there to her, nor could I make head nor tail what was actually occurring because K rang me to say that there had been a fire!  Of course during that incident, the whole of the Interchange was cordoned off and all waiting passengers (including K) were sent to the nearby Hotel across the road to wait it out until it was declared safe.  So even if I had jumped on a bus to get her, I wouldn’t have been able to access the Interchange.

Anyway, back to today, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can get something sorted out about the transport, it will be a real shame if K ends up not being able to attend just because she cant get there safely.   I will keep you all posted of course about the outcome.

TG Smile Waiting

Stuck inside on a rainy day!

I had every intention of going out this morning once K had departed for day care. I was going down to the doctor’s to pick up my prescription for my tablets, then returning back home.   However it was raining, and my readers and fellow Spacers will know my feelings about that weather condition! I did keep peering out every half an hour or so to check whether or not it had stopped, but no such luck.

So I busied myself tidying up the flat (K’s bedroom will soon need some drastic treatment as she now has it back to how it was before my last onslaught, in other words piled high with scraps of paper, junk and other assorted mess!)  She was in some bother with me first thing this morning, as she had piled her clothes that she intends wearing for tomorrow behind the door, thereby causing me to bang my arm quite hard on it when I was exiting her bedroom.

Ready for any  eventuality

Its hardly wide enough to swing a cat around in there as it is, without the door only being able to open half way!  Of course I was then greeted with the sulky looks, furious pouts and quiet mutterings under her breath., but I resisted the urge to take any notice, and she was soon out the door anyway and on her way to day care. 

Just in case, she had asked me what outdoor wear to put on once she spied all the rain coming down. so as it was also still quite cold I suggested that she put on her sheepskin coat and then topped it with her raincoat.

Well your covered then K” I reasoned, “warm enough for the cold, and dry enough for the rain!” so she did! Angel

Ready for the weather I made a turkey casserole for tea, which was nice and warming.  It reminded me as I was plonking in all the ingredients into my large casserole dish, how my mother always made a stew on a Monday. Of course in those days this was largely because you made a stew following Sunday to use up any leftover’s from Sundays dinner, and the tendency was to put everything into it but the kitchen sink!

Any meat that was remaining from Sundays joint, any vegetables etc, went into the stew pot. It was waste not want not in those days, and woe betide you if you did not empty your plate at meal times!  So yes, Mondays were always stew days!  Of course we don’t call it stew now , oh no, its a casserole of course!

Well, that’s all for now fellow bloggers.  Oh, and I don’t know what has happened to the formatting of my blogs on Windows Live, but its all sort of changed. Is it at my end now that I am running in Windows 7? Or are big changes afoot on Windows Live?  Who knows, who can tell?  We shall no doubt find out eventually!

TG Big Grin

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A Blustery Day


As usual, today was our big shop and after K had managed to prise herself out of bed and shower (at 9.00 am, all of three hours after me!) we donned our hats and coats, grabbed our usual assortment of shopping bags and then exited the flat.

Off out shopping

Hmm, seems a trifle windy out here, thought I as we set off. What an understatement!  At times it became hard to keep your feet, and I laughed when K said to me

“Here Mum, get hold of me, I’ll hold you down!” Open-mouthed  Seems that besides being a GP, an Actress and a Masseur, she is now taking on the role of Anchor woman as well! Eye-rolling

So we were bowled down to Tesco’s (wind mainly behind us thank goodness!) and arrived there courtesy of the following wind in fairly good time and just before the rain began.

A quickish shop, where we also purchased the Blue Ray version of Wall E as a sort of après Christmas treat for both of us.  On arrival at the ‘auto’ check out, K took the role of t Scanner and I was the packer, then a return home via taxi followed by another scanning session of all our purchases, K taking the role as she always does of assistant putter away and sider upper whilst I did the actual scanning. 

I reluctantly leave the building

Following that,  I made the dinner and while I was dishing it out, K was informing me what she intended to have for her tea!  She always does this!  We hadn’t even sat down to eat as I was in the process of dishing up the chicken and vegetables when I heard the usual “I’m having some of that soup for my tea!”

“K, let’s get this eaten first!” replied I. It’s a wonder that she doesn’t inform me of her intended meals for the whole week! ( I had better not let her read this, or it might give her ideas!)  Life for K is just one big lurch from one meal to the next!

The horrid wind seems to have died down somewhat this afternoon, its the next type of weather that I dislike besides rain.  Mainly I suppose because when I was a young girl, it once lifted me off the ground and although I remember that I did manage to remain on my feet when it happened,  ever since then I have not been terribly keen on having to be out in it when its really windy.

So  that’s all for now folks, do  keep reading and blogging won’t you?  Open-mouthed


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One of those Days!

Today began okay.  K and I had a shower (not together of course!) and then donned our jogging suits and our trainers and exited the flat for our exercise class at 11.30am.  It was quite a pleasant walk down. It was a little bit warmer than of late, the sun was shining, and everything seemed good with the world.

Did our exercises.  The trainer was a little bit more gentle with the regime today supposedly because this class was the first one after the big binge, with the result that we didn’t work up all that much of a sweat.  After the class, I went to collect some of my tablets from the Doctors (conveniently situated in the next building down from where our exercise class is held) then we decided to hop on a bus to Bradford to book our tickets for a day out on the Leeds/Carlisle railway under the current ‘Winter Offers’ being run by Metro.  The folks who run the exercise classes have asked members to join them on a trip taking place on Saturday the 17th costing just £8.00p using your Metro card, and as this is one of those train journeys I have always wanted to make then naturally I want to go.

K on the exercise bike

Before we embarked on the bus however, I had been feeling a little bit ‘shaky’, I call these my ‘shaky’ do’s, and tend to get them about 11.00am time or thereabouts in a morning.   According to Doctor K (my Down’s Syndrome daughter who you will notice has many roles in her repertoire!)  its my blood sugar level that is low and I must partake of something sugary in order to combat it.  So promptly taking Doc K’s advice, I bought some fruit jellies and some of my favourite Australian liquorice in the Chemists whilst I waited for my prescription to be made up.  Now the big problem that I have is that I have only to get some Liquorice in my hands and next minute its all devoured.  Mind you its a wonder I managed to eat any at all, as I had to ask  one of the assistants to open the packet for me to get at the blasted things!  So that should have been an omen and warning that I really shouldn’t be eating them!

To follow that, during the journey to Bradford on the bus, we shared the jelly fruits between us.  (Well it was past dinner time and we were both peckish!)  By the time we reached the Interchange I was feeling decidedly nauseous, as I often do when eating such sugary treats.  Why do I keep forgetting this?   Why didn’t I just have one or two?  Serves you bloomin’ well right I told myself on finally reaching Bradford.

Then we had our next disappointment. Tried buying the tickets for the day out on the Leeds/Carlisle route  and we were informed that you couldn’t use your Metro cards (which enable this particular offer) on a Saturday!   So I will have to check back with the Crew guys to see if they know about this.  Hmm.

Me looking terrified! And  so onwards to buy some DVD+RW discs from PC World in the shopping Centre.  Doh!  I had forgotten that PC World is no longer there in the Forster Square shopping Centre!  Hadn’t we tried to buy something from there the last time we visited and found it was now closed?   So I had to go scouting around Comet (who didn’t stock my favourites which are Verbatim) followed by Curry’s which thankfully had some in although not the usual ones I use, they only had some DVD-RW so I do hope they work okay with my computer. (I can honestly never remember the ones that this computer will use.)

I was glad to finally get back home to be honest with you, I hate when I have a ‘fruitless’ day and nothing gets resolved or sorted.  Mind you, the usual had occurred whilst we had been out. There was a mountain of  post waiting for us behind the door, plus K’s latest t-shirt that she has nattered me to order for her from the Internet.  (remember how I had vowed not to buy her anymore t-shirts,  well that vow is out the window!)   She was lucky that our postman, who as many will recall is well known around these parts and knows everyone on the estate, had forced it through the letterbox in our absence.

To add to that,  everybody in the whole wide world (note: slight exaggeration here!) had rung us as well in our absence!  Honestly, we never get any calls whilst actually being present to answer them, they always call either when we are out, or on the toilet or in the shower, thereby explaining why we ended up owning an answer machine!  Luckily one caller had left a message so that I could get in touch.

So what a day!  Exercise, followed by stuffing my face, feeling queasy, no train tickets and no day out, wrong DVD discs, its no wonder I am always reluctant to venture out the door!

TG  Disappointed


Caught on the hop again!

Well today I was caught on the hop again by the re-cycling guys!  I really must add their calling dates into my calendar and set a timely reminder!  You can guarantee that every visit entails a ‘mad dash’ by me downstairs and out the door complete with black box and green bag. Huff Huff!

This time it was even worse than usual!  Why?  Because of my two offspring’s avid drinking over the Christmas holidays where they consumed between them vast amounts of Beck’s (J my youngest son) and Smirnoff Ice (K) plus the Asti and bottle of Champagne that was purchased and drunk by all, the black box ended up quite full (and heavy into the bargain!)

I only get a small amount of time to carry out this dash of mine every fortnight, as the first sign that they are around is the ‘clanking’ sound of bottles being rattled around as they tip them into their wagon.  It was quite an exercise this morning as I had run down the stairs with the full to overflowing black box and then deposit that on the path for pick up by the guys, that was followed by slipper clad sprint to the wagon to ask for a new green ‘paper and magazine’ bag, followed by a run back to the flat, up the stairs, put all my discarded paper and magazines inside the new green bag, then another run back down the stairs to place that inside the black box, all before the guys reached the path!

Phew! Whew

Black re-cycle box and bag Hang on, I hear all my readers beginning to ponder, why does she have her black box inside the flat in the first place?  Why isn’t it kept next to the dustbin where it so rightly belongs?  Is she mad?  Does she purposely love running up and down stairs as a sort of punishment or exercise regime? 

Well there is a perfectly good explanation for all this ‘pelting up and down stairs’ and the stowing of the black box inside, namely that if you leave your black box outside next to the dustbin it is apt to get stolen!  Yes, strange but true!  There resides somewhere in the vicinity a secret re-cycle black box hoarder (or collector) who goes around nicking everyone’s ‘re-cycle’ boxes!  Quite what they do with them is another matter, or perhaps like me they keep getting theirs stolen!

I did contact the council to ask them to provide me with another one, but I am still waiting.  So, you are now no doubt wondering, where did I get this one from?  Did I go out during the night whilst all were asleep and take someone else’s?  A sort of ‘do unto others as they do unto you’ missi0n?  Well no, my sister had a spare in her garage (yes I know what your thinking and it did cross my mind at the time that they gave it to me!)  So the one I have now currently residing in this flat (and taking up valuable space into the bargain) is their spare one.

So that’s alright then!  And now I am off to enter the dates in my calendar for subsequent visits of the re-cycle guys so that hopefully I am not caught ‘on the hop’ again! 

TG Big Grin See you later!