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A New Year’s beginnings.


Well that’s it, back to normal, one more gone and a new one begun! 

We have had a pretty quiet Christmas, just K, my youngest son J and myself.  Made a buffet on Christmas Eve, as usual did far too much which then caused  a problem in storage space in the fridge, then Christmas day we went out for our Christmas dinner as we tend to do these days.  After spending most of my life never emerging from the kitchen on Christmas day,  I now feel fully entitled to let someone else do the cooking whilst I just sit back and enjoy it!

Its the first time that J has accompanied us for Christmas dinner, he normally declines, and I was very pleased as he really seemed to enjoy it all.  They go overboard with the Christmas decorations in there, but it does look nice and the meal was fantastic as usual. We downed two bottles of Asti between us!

The rest of Christmas has just been the usual, scoffing far too much food (in my case that I really shouldn’t have with the result that I have suffered from upset tum, bloating, etc etc)  K has seemed to spend the entire time shoving vast amounts of sickly chocolate gateau down her throat and packets of crisps,  followed by copious amounts of Smirnoff Ice (her favourite drink) and Asti, with the result that she has put 4 pounds on in weight in two weeks!   So she now has to lose it all again!

New year’s Eve was the funniest of all, where I felt my eyes closing at about 20.00pm, and told K I was going for a lie down so would she wake me just before midnight so that I could see the new year in.  But she must have been tired as well, and the result was I woke to find it was 2.30 am in the morning and I had subsequently missed it all!  (Typical!)

That’s a good start to the new year I thought to myself, and after a toilet promptly went back to bed!

Looking back on 2008, well a mixed summary for me!  My unexpected heart attack in May which left me in a state of shock but has subsequently caused lots of changes in my life and allowed me to make lots of new friends, followed by that wonderful trip in October to Scotland to visit my eldest son and see my grandchildren. So its had its ups and downs!

For the new year, well I am determined to try and blog once a day, even if it means a post saying such mundane happenings as ‘got up, got dressed, went shopping, had dinner, cleaned up, had tea, watched TV then went to bed!  So be prepared to be bored silly this year!  Firstly I shall have to shed the two pounds that I have put on!

TG Open-mouthed Keep blogging won’t you?


9 thoughts on “A New Year’s beginnings.

  1. Thank yo Penny, I will endevour to keep them light, informative, funny, entertaining, interesting, and above all, attractive and readable! I shall also keep reading everyone elses and try to make meaninful comments and helpful posts. Hmm, hope I am not making too many promises here! LOL

  2. Daily or not I always enjoy your blogs. Going now to look at your album. I’m walking eveyday for my New Year??? Guess what its raining today will she walk or not? LOL Take care, Hugs, Pat

  3. isnt it funny how something bad (like a heart attack) can lead to good things happening?hope this year brings you more friends, more trips and lots of fun! xx

  4. I was beginning to think your keyboard was out of action! You’ve not blogged for a while… but then, neither have I really! I too can only think of boring things to say, like got up, switched on PC downloaded emails… and checked blogs! On those days, I don’t write anything either… LOL

  5. I try to blog each day. If I miss a day the space police are phoning me to see if I am sick. LOLI hope you are having a great day.

  6. Wow! You are all so kind! Do you like the way that you can now add a photo album into the new version of Writer? Clever or what! Tell you I love those guys! They are the best team on the block by a long chalk! Will probably do one of my ‘how to’ posts on the other Space about it. And yes, Ruth it is funny. I was in a state of shock afterwards because I considered myself pretty fit! LOL

  7. Happy New Year to you and K., TG. It was a ropey old 2008 wasn’t it, in many ways. Glad you managed to sift some gilt from the dross. It’ll be good to hear from you day to day. I will be around. Personally, have yet to pluck up courage to get on scales.

  8. I know what you mean Bunny! It took all of my strength of will to mount our scales in the bathroom, then take a tentative peek! I did think that I had put on more actually so haven’t done too badly.

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