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A Freezing Trip to Town

K departed the flat this morning to Day Care. Surprised Yes she is now attending on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Notice the stark contrast to just a year ago, when we would have been hard pressed to get her to spend even an hour there. A complete rethink by her since her Social Worker persuaded her to attend following my heart attack!

So, after her departure, I bravely donned my coat and scruffy old knitted hat, picked up my camera and case plus shopping bag, and exited the flat as well.  Hmm, a lovely morning considering we were promised snow for today!  Blue skies, a wintery sun peeking through, what more could you ask for?

I tried vainly to capture the light on my way down to town.  It’s an entirely different light isn’t it in winter?  Sort of ‘artificial’ if you know what I mean, a cold light, almost like a producer shining a low lamp onto a backdrop. I am not quite sure if I succeeded in capturing the winter sunlight, but it does allow you to actually take a photo into the direct sun at this time of year.

The toddler park was sadly empty, but showing the long shadows of the trees cast by the winter sun.. The flower beds are unassuming and devoid of course of the usual elderly residents of our town parked on the surrounding benches.

Then onto town, where ‘Woollies’ are still in full throes of trying to sell off all of their stock, I had a quick chat with some of the girls who will of course be looking for new jobs after tomorrow, trouble is there aren’t any available. What a sad day!  Then onwards and into Wilkinson’s, who also are still selling off their Christmas stock. I took some pictures and then succumbed to temptation and purchase some chocolate tree decorations as a treat and also the last of the snowmen ‘lollies’ that were left. Hmm, I think in hindsight I shouldn’t really have gone in there!

So to ease my guilt I suppose, I braved the cold and walked home, taking some more pictures in the process. (I ate two of the snowmen lollies on the way!  ) Well, I reasoned to myself, I am working it off as I scoff them! Funny isn’t it how you can stick to all your good resolutions regarding diet until Christmas comes along and then it all goes quickly out of the window! I honestly haven’t eaten any chocolate whatsoever since my heart attack, and then Christmas comes along with all its tempting goodies and bang! All those good intentions go out the window! Eye-rolling

By the time I reached home, I was thoroughly frozen through. I have just about thawed out now thank goodness! K and I are supposed to be going tonight to our exercise class, but it takes a lot of courage to venture back out on a freezing cold day!  Will we make it?  Haven’t a clue, it will largely depend on the boss as usual!  Will let you know tomorrow!

TG Nailbiting


6 thoughts on “A Freezing Trip to Town

  1. Keep up the exercise! I didn’t know you had a heart attack. Take very good care of yourself.I am off to look at the pictures now.

  2. I know just what you mean about resolutions, T.G. Not easy, is it? How good you are, walking everywhere, though. I enjoyed looking at the pics, Pen.

  3. I had to go out today as well. We had snow overnight but most of it had gone this morning though it was really icy. I couldn’t take my wheelchair as I normally do so had to use my walker and creep about everywhere. At least it’s one that has a built in seat. Muchly needed these days! Nice to be out in the cold, fresh air, though. You take care, TG. Mind how you go if you’re walking about out there.

  4. Thank you all of you. I love walking as long as the weather is fine. It is good for your health and theraputic, so I need to do lots of it! K is not so keen, so joins me reluctantly. Its about a 15 minute walk from our flat into town so easily do-able. I walked back today so that I could ease my concience about buying the little lollies that I adore and the chocolate stuff. LOL

  5. I think the loss of wollies is a massive loss to every town centre. Anyway yesterday was bloody freezing, I ride to work everyday and it was that cold my hands where agony by the time I got to work, top it off I slipped going round a corner and came off the bike LOL. I have to be honest of the chocolate front the darker the better and therefore the better for you, I have found a company who knocks out a 100% cocoa bar, I haven’t been brave enough to try one yet though. Anyway take care stay warm, and get some more Fallout in LOL :p

  6. A very poignant photo of the Pic `Mix, TG. I have just realised that I have only been for one walk since my dog died at the end of October. Gardening somehow doesn’t have the `buzz’ of a walk.

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