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Sometimes Graffiti does serve a purpose!

This morning I read this wonderful story courtesy of the BBC website.  It cheered me up to see that just by scrawling all their names on a barn wall, these ‘Land Girls’ were able to be reunited by this farmer who found their names! What a wonderful story!

Go here to http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/somerset/7812403.stm to read it.

TG Open-mouthed

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes Graffiti does serve a purpose!

  1. What a fantastic story. It made me smile.I usually try to write something profound on bare walls just before decorating. It’s nice to think someone might find it in later years. I found some very interesting lines scribbled on my walls soon after I moved in. Ruth searched the internet to discover their meaning for me. She found them to be in the lyrics of a song. Still smile about it. Now my home has more personality. Keep smiling, Ronnie. XXX

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