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Caught on the hop again!

Well today I was caught on the hop again by the re-cycling guys!  I really must add their calling dates into my calendar and set a timely reminder!  You can guarantee that every visit entails a ‘mad dash’ by me downstairs and out the door complete with black box and green bag. Huff Huff!

This time it was even worse than usual!  Why?  Because of my two offspring’s avid drinking over the Christmas holidays where they consumed between them vast amounts of Beck’s (J my youngest son) and Smirnoff Ice (K) plus the Asti and bottle of Champagne that was purchased and drunk by all, the black box ended up quite full (and heavy into the bargain!)

I only get a small amount of time to carry out this dash of mine every fortnight, as the first sign that they are around is the ‘clanking’ sound of bottles being rattled around as they tip them into their wagon.  It was quite an exercise this morning as I had run down the stairs with the full to overflowing black box and then deposit that on the path for pick up by the guys, that was followed by slipper clad sprint to the wagon to ask for a new green ‘paper and magazine’ bag, followed by a run back to the flat, up the stairs, put all my discarded paper and magazines inside the new green bag, then another run back down the stairs to place that inside the black box, all before the guys reached the path!

Phew! Whew

Black re-cycle box and bag Hang on, I hear all my readers beginning to ponder, why does she have her black box inside the flat in the first place?  Why isn’t it kept next to the dustbin where it so rightly belongs?  Is she mad?  Does she purposely love running up and down stairs as a sort of punishment or exercise regime? 

Well there is a perfectly good explanation for all this ‘pelting up and down stairs’ and the stowing of the black box inside, namely that if you leave your black box outside next to the dustbin it is apt to get stolen!  Yes, strange but true!  There resides somewhere in the vicinity a secret re-cycle black box hoarder (or collector) who goes around nicking everyone’s ‘re-cycle’ boxes!  Quite what they do with them is another matter, or perhaps like me they keep getting theirs stolen!

I did contact the council to ask them to provide me with another one, but I am still waiting.  So, you are now no doubt wondering, where did I get this one from?  Did I go out during the night whilst all were asleep and take someone else’s?  A sort of ‘do unto others as they do unto you’ missi0n?  Well no, my sister had a spare in her garage (yes I know what your thinking and it did cross my mind at the time that they gave it to me!)  So the one I have now currently residing in this flat (and taking up valuable space into the bargain) is their spare one.

So that’s alright then!  And now I am off to enter the dates in my calendar for subsequent visits of the re-cycle guys so that hopefully I am not caught ‘on the hop’ again! 

TG Big Grin See you later!



15 thoughts on “Caught on the hop again!

  1. ah ha, you see, we have a black wheelie bin for general waste, a blue wheelie bin for paper and card etc and a green wheelie bin for garden rubbish – no kitchen waste though. no room in the garden anymore but it does mean that i can just wait to see when everyone else puts their bins out and follow suit!we did get a knock at the door one morning which turned out to be the police returning our blue bin, no idea how they knew it was ours!

  2. Ahh, so even your wheelie bins get nicked! When do they do it? You would think someone would spot the theft or hear it wouldn’t you? Mind you, our bin area is only small. just about fits the dustbin in and a black box (if you are brave enough to risk it!) and that’s about it, so if our Authority begin the same here I don’t know where they will fit!

  3. Wheelie bins do indeed get nicked! Round here they get set on fire and melted too! However so long as there are roughly 3 side left on said wheelie bin the council will expect it to resume normal useage soon as it cools down…if not sooner! If unfortunate bin owner was to suggest a nice shiney new replacement, council would suggest nice large shiney financial payment…. So…best follow the fine example of Technogran…and store black and blue wheelie bins indoors!!! No black boxes or green garden rubbish bins…. just chuck that over the fence into next doors garden!! Noooo! No we don’t! We really don’t!….only when they become particularly annoying….! 😉

  4. lol @ europa!we get loads of rubbish landing in our garden when the ice cream van stops outside. definately a seasonal hazard.the bin was probably nicked on one of those occasions where i turned over in bed and shouted at the dog to shut up…however on the occasion i caught someone breaking into my car the neighbours heard, and saw, as they told my hubs they saw me chasing up the road at 3am! well thanks for the help!sorry, ranting 🙂

  5. Oh gosh, l’ve never heard of the "blue boxes" getting stolen right off the street, but l know some people like to use them to move with. Because they’re so strong. Then l guess they don’t always end up back at the curb where they belong. We can also buy extras at various stores if we want more-not too expensive.

  6. No-one has yet run off with any of my bins but in certain areas of Sheffield they are quite often used to cart drunken students home in the wee small hours!

  7. Well sweetie that is one way of staying fit for 2009. Me I’m just walking. LOL I don’t recycle I know I should but life keeps me too busy and I’m lucky to get the trash out for pick up day. Sorry, will try to do better. Hugs, pat

  8. Wonderful description….you had me laughing. As Patsy said below, that is one way of staying fit LOL.We have people stealing our garbage and recycle containers too…no idea why. Its not like they are of much value. Oh well, I suppose it takes all kinds….and it would be a very dull world indeed without these strange people.Hope you have a good day tomorrow TG.P.S. We missed putting out our garbage and recycling stuff yesterday. Forgot to check the calendar. When I heard the trucks I was only half-dressed…..so I decided that it can wait until next week. No free peep shows for our garbage collectors LOL.

  9. Oh come on Granma! Where is your sense of adventure! A free peep show would surely have made their day! Funnily enough ours just completely ignored me racing round like a demented idiot! Just as if they were quite used to seeing a pink slipper clad granny sprinting up and down with black boxes and green bags. Mind you I am probably not the only person to get caught out!

  10. I missed it too! Having a lie in when I heard the clatter of the recycle man, The christmas booze bottles will have to wait til next week!! but luckily, got the full bin out in time!!

  11. Note of caution: A wheely bin was used to carjack! What they do is push the bin out into middle of the road, and wait behind a wall/bush, when a motorist stops to move a bin (probably leaving engine running and door open) that they think was probably left by kids, the carjackers jump in and drive off!This happened last year in my road to lady driving a BMW!

  12. I very carefully put my blue box of newspapers out today. I day late. I have two boxes, and have covered them with our address and various runic signs in yellow DayGlo paint. I did have a plain one stolen, but these have stayed put – so far. We had a collection on New Year’s Day; my husband went down for the empties, and found 2 chaps with a van investigating them. They scarpered pretty quickly when they saw our car.

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