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One of those Days!

Today began okay.  K and I had a shower (not together of course!) and then donned our jogging suits and our trainers and exited the flat for our exercise class at 11.30am.  It was quite a pleasant walk down. It was a little bit warmer than of late, the sun was shining, and everything seemed good with the world.

Did our exercises.  The trainer was a little bit more gentle with the regime today supposedly because this class was the first one after the big binge, with the result that we didn’t work up all that much of a sweat.  After the class, I went to collect some of my tablets from the Doctors (conveniently situated in the next building down from where our exercise class is held) then we decided to hop on a bus to Bradford to book our tickets for a day out on the Leeds/Carlisle railway under the current ‘Winter Offers’ being run by Metro.  The folks who run the exercise classes have asked members to join them on a trip taking place on Saturday the 17th costing just £8.00p using your Metro card, and as this is one of those train journeys I have always wanted to make then naturally I want to go.

K on the exercise bike

Before we embarked on the bus however, I had been feeling a little bit ‘shaky’, I call these my ‘shaky’ do’s, and tend to get them about 11.00am time or thereabouts in a morning.   According to Doctor K (my Down’s Syndrome daughter who you will notice has many roles in her repertoire!)  its my blood sugar level that is low and I must partake of something sugary in order to combat it.  So promptly taking Doc K’s advice, I bought some fruit jellies and some of my favourite Australian liquorice in the Chemists whilst I waited for my prescription to be made up.  Now the big problem that I have is that I have only to get some Liquorice in my hands and next minute its all devoured.  Mind you its a wonder I managed to eat any at all, as I had to ask  one of the assistants to open the packet for me to get at the blasted things!  So that should have been an omen and warning that I really shouldn’t be eating them!

To follow that, during the journey to Bradford on the bus, we shared the jelly fruits between us.  (Well it was past dinner time and we were both peckish!)  By the time we reached the Interchange I was feeling decidedly nauseous, as I often do when eating such sugary treats.  Why do I keep forgetting this?   Why didn’t I just have one or two?  Serves you bloomin’ well right I told myself on finally reaching Bradford.

Then we had our next disappointment. Tried buying the tickets for the day out on the Leeds/Carlisle route  and we were informed that you couldn’t use your Metro cards (which enable this particular offer) on a Saturday!   So I will have to check back with the Crew guys to see if they know about this.  Hmm.

Me looking terrified! And  so onwards to buy some DVD+RW discs from PC World in the shopping Centre.  Doh!  I had forgotten that PC World is no longer there in the Forster Square shopping Centre!  Hadn’t we tried to buy something from there the last time we visited and found it was now closed?   So I had to go scouting around Comet (who didn’t stock my favourites which are Verbatim) followed by Curry’s which thankfully had some in although not the usual ones I use, they only had some DVD-RW so I do hope they work okay with my computer. (I can honestly never remember the ones that this computer will use.)

I was glad to finally get back home to be honest with you, I hate when I have a ‘fruitless’ day and nothing gets resolved or sorted.  Mind you, the usual had occurred whilst we had been out. There was a mountain of  post waiting for us behind the door, plus K’s latest t-shirt that she has nattered me to order for her from the Internet.  (remember how I had vowed not to buy her anymore t-shirts,  well that vow is out the window!)   She was lucky that our postman, who as many will recall is well known around these parts and knows everyone on the estate, had forced it through the letterbox in our absence.

To add to that,  everybody in the whole wide world (note: slight exaggeration here!) had rung us as well in our absence!  Honestly, we never get any calls whilst actually being present to answer them, they always call either when we are out, or on the toilet or in the shower, thereby explaining why we ended up owning an answer machine!  Luckily one caller had left a message so that I could get in touch.

So what a day!  Exercise, followed by stuffing my face, feeling queasy, no train tickets and no day out, wrong DVD discs, its no wonder I am always reluctant to venture out the door!

TG  Disappointed



13 thoughts on “One of those Days!

  1. I had the day off today, and achieved absolutely nothing. Nicely rested, though, ready for tomorrow’s onslaught.Love the pictures. Say hello to Dr. K from me.Love Ronnie. XXX

  2. A good day was had by all then?!!…lol…! Hope I don’t have the same prob when I attempt to visit PC World tomorrow….still on the lookout for a nice new laptop which does not develop unsightly cosmetic damage within 6months just for using the mousepad….the large black mark in the middle of it suggests that my finger gets good exercise without going to the gym even if nothing else does!

  3. Hiya T.G. Great pics of you and K on the machines. Try eating a slow release carbohydrate before you go out. Sweeties are so not the answer! Bit of a shame about the metro tickets, Pen.

  4. My husband swore by potatoes as slow release carbohydrate – he was an early finder out of what is now regular advice for those with low sugar problems. You need to have a look at your diet. – perhaps your doctor can refer you to a dietician who can work with you to solve this problem.

  5. Well I always have a breakfast, it was porridge and a glass of fresh orange juice and a cup of coffee. I haven’t suffered from my ‘shaky’ do’s for quite a while so don’t quite know what brought yesterdays bout on.

  6. What a day you had. My hubby gets those shakes too. Like you he is scrambling to find something sweet. I loved the pictures of you guys on your machines. Me I’m just walking , probably should do more? Maybe today will be better, take care and have a great weekend. Hugs, Pa

  7. Oh dear… What a day. My hubby has to watch what he eats too… but unfortunately, he tends to eat what he wants. Not what he SHOULD eat! This often results in high sugar levels and irritating moods that drive me round the bend… LOL

  8. I am a fellow liquorice afficionado. I used to love those boxes of shapes – pipes, bootlaces, coils of `elastic’ with a sweet in the middle…….mmm

  9. Have you tried the Australian liquorice! It is so moorish! Its soft and squidgy and comes in the usual black and a ‘raspberry’ flavour. If I think on tomorrow I will take some pics of the packets in the Chemists shop as I have to go and collect some more tablets. You should try some its fantastic! (Even K likes it, and she is not much of a sweet fan.)

  10. Yes, TG. I’ve seen it advertised in the Lakeland catalogue. I would have ordered some, but they use carriers who don’t come up to the house, merely chucking parcels down by the front gate. A picture would certainly be better than nothing……..

  11. Well I might take pity on you then and send you some later, will private message you about your address when I get some. Should be able to fit it in a small A5 jiffy bag deliverable by your postman!

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