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A Blustery Day


As usual, today was our big shop and after K had managed to prise herself out of bed and shower (at 9.00 am, all of three hours after me!) we donned our hats and coats, grabbed our usual assortment of shopping bags and then exited the flat.

Off out shopping

Hmm, seems a trifle windy out here, thought I as we set off. What an understatement!  At times it became hard to keep your feet, and I laughed when K said to me

“Here Mum, get hold of me, I’ll hold you down!” Open-mouthed  Seems that besides being a GP, an Actress and a Masseur, she is now taking on the role of Anchor woman as well! Eye-rolling

So we were bowled down to Tesco’s (wind mainly behind us thank goodness!) and arrived there courtesy of the following wind in fairly good time and just before the rain began.

A quickish shop, where we also purchased the Blue Ray version of Wall E as a sort of après Christmas treat for both of us.  On arrival at the ‘auto’ check out, K took the role of t Scanner and I was the packer, then a return home via taxi followed by another scanning session of all our purchases, K taking the role as she always does of assistant putter away and sider upper whilst I did the actual scanning. 

I reluctantly leave the building

Following that,  I made the dinner and while I was dishing it out, K was informing me what she intended to have for her tea!  She always does this!  We hadn’t even sat down to eat as I was in the process of dishing up the chicken and vegetables when I heard the usual “I’m having some of that soup for my tea!”

“K, let’s get this eaten first!” replied I. It’s a wonder that she doesn’t inform me of her intended meals for the whole week! ( I had better not let her read this, or it might give her ideas!)  Life for K is just one big lurch from one meal to the next!

The horrid wind seems to have died down somewhat this afternoon, its the next type of weather that I dislike besides rain.  Mainly I suppose because when I was a young girl, it once lifted me off the ground and although I remember that I did manage to remain on my feet when it happened,  ever since then I have not been terribly keen on having to be out in it when its really windy.

So  that’s all for now folks, do  keep reading and blogging won’t you?  Open-mouthed


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4 thoughts on “A Blustery Day

  1. I love shopping but that dealing with putting it all away when you get home! ugh! Seems like you handle it so much, You put it in the cart, take out of cart and put on scanner , back into cart and in my case into car and then out of car into house to which I have to put away! Whewwwwww!!! I’m tired already and I didn’t even have the wind you did. Anyway I enjoy yours and K’s adventures. Take care, Hugs, Pat

  2. You two are such a good team! I really dislike shopping but Jim and I have a few little tricks for making it more fun.1. The shopping list.This is the best bit about constantly going through this rigmorole. Sometimes we deliberately mis-spell every item. Sometimes we draw each item. Sometimes we intersperse a more serious list with little messages to one another. Sometimes the items are coded according to what we will be cooking. So, for instance, if curry is on the menu, a chilli pepper becomes "very aggressive killer vegetable."2. People Watching.You meet the most unlikely people whilst out doing your shopping. Russian spies, Eastern royalty, sports commentators, robots …..well, you decide. It’s fun.3. Frenchified.Speak to each other in a really bad French accent. Much like "The Pink Panther.""Oui, oui, ma cherie, eet ees ze bean sprout we av been looking for. C’est bon, ma belle petite pois."Perhaps you’re not as barmy as us but it makes it more fun.Love to you both, Ronnie. XXX

  3. Try shopping on line. OK, you still have to put it away when it arrives… I hate crowded supermarkets. I let hubs do most of the shopping, till I need to go to get the things he never remembers to get!

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