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Stuck inside on a rainy day!

I had every intention of going out this morning once K had departed for day care. I was going down to the doctor’s to pick up my prescription for my tablets, then returning back home.   However it was raining, and my readers and fellow Spacers will know my feelings about that weather condition! I did keep peering out every half an hour or so to check whether or not it had stopped, but no such luck.

So I busied myself tidying up the flat (K’s bedroom will soon need some drastic treatment as she now has it back to how it was before my last onslaught, in other words piled high with scraps of paper, junk and other assorted mess!)  She was in some bother with me first thing this morning, as she had piled her clothes that she intends wearing for tomorrow behind the door, thereby causing me to bang my arm quite hard on it when I was exiting her bedroom.

Ready for any  eventuality

Its hardly wide enough to swing a cat around in there as it is, without the door only being able to open half way!  Of course I was then greeted with the sulky looks, furious pouts and quiet mutterings under her breath., but I resisted the urge to take any notice, and she was soon out the door anyway and on her way to day care. 

Just in case, she had asked me what outdoor wear to put on once she spied all the rain coming down. so as it was also still quite cold I suggested that she put on her sheepskin coat and then topped it with her raincoat.

Well your covered then K” I reasoned, “warm enough for the cold, and dry enough for the rain!” so she did! Angel

Ready for the weather I made a turkey casserole for tea, which was nice and warming.  It reminded me as I was plonking in all the ingredients into my large casserole dish, how my mother always made a stew on a Monday. Of course in those days this was largely because you made a stew following Sunday to use up any leftover’s from Sundays dinner, and the tendency was to put everything into it but the kitchen sink!

Any meat that was remaining from Sundays joint, any vegetables etc, went into the stew pot. It was waste not want not in those days, and woe betide you if you did not empty your plate at meal times!  So yes, Mondays were always stew days!  Of course we don’t call it stew now , oh no, its a casserole of course!

Well, that’s all for now fellow bloggers.  Oh, and I don’t know what has happened to the formatting of my blogs on Windows Live, but its all sort of changed. Is it at my end now that I am running in Windows 7? Or are big changes afoot on Windows Live?  Who knows, who can tell?  We shall no doubt find out eventually!

TG Big Grin

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14 thoughts on “Stuck inside on a rainy day!

  1. Oh the usual, very small amount of oil, heat in a large casserole, chuck in some onions diced, cook until soft, then pile in some diced turkey breast, stir until all sealed on the outside, turn down the heat, pour in some stock or my favourite Bisto turkey gravy mix watered down, toss in some mixed casserole vegetables (can be a packet of frozen) containing carrot, swede onion, potato, etc) then place on a low light to simmer for about 1 and a half hours, add some diced potatoes then or dumplings if liked) then continue to cook for about another half an hour. Then dish out into lovely big dishes and serve with slices of bread to dip into the gravy! Yum!

  2. Yah. The weather. The narrative force of lives in YVR. Had med/prescription appt. today and slogged through rain, mist like standing in a waterfall backsplash area and then fog reducing vision to 1/2 city block. Sun? Qu’est c’est du soleil? How long ’til Spring?

  3. Hmm, good question Happy Flower and one I ask myself every day! Tell you I am definately going to hibernate next time! I will buy tons of food in, and then just sleep, eat, sleep, eat from October to April, and then miss it all! LOL

  4. Hope the weather clears soon.Your blog looks great. The cream on black is really nice. And easy on the eye. Love the font.

  5. It rained for most of the day here too, yesterday. Absolutely miserable… and so cold outside. I did a stew/casserole last week. They always go down well as you can sort of help yourself when you feel hungry once it’s cooked.

  6. No rain here just a few snow flurries. We had left overs too for lunch yesterday. K looks quite content to go out in the rain and I might add prepared. Stay dry and hope you have a great day . Oh yes my office sorta sounds like K’s room. I really need to get in there and fix up!! Hugs, Pat

  7. HiIsn’t it funny how when making something like that it brings back memory’s of things your mum did,Monday in our house was as you say left over meat from sunday either in a casserole or cold with spaghetti, or bubble and squeak,mmmmmmmm haven’t had that for ages…I can smell it now mmmmm

  8. HiIt’s a chilly damp sort day here in Cornwall not that pleasant. Thank you for the recipe a casserole always goes down great this time of year. Housework is also very warming although very boring. Hugs xxSheila

  9. I have to say it’s only the thought of turkey casserole, and the like, that’s keeping me going these dark days, TG. This conflicts with a weight loss plan that might help me save money by getting into some of my old clothes :o(

  10. Thanks for all your comments and yes, I do keep memorising about when I was younger and how Mum used to have a rigid routine for all her housework and cooking.

  11. First we had a looong period of snow (which was truly wonderful until it hampered traveling plans for Christmas), then we had a couple of days of torrential rain (melting the snow and causing flooding and landslides) and now we have fog. Up above the fog is sunshine….we can vaguely make out the brightness up there and hope one of these days the sun will burn off this fog so we can actually bask in some sunlight. K looks well prepared for all weather.Monday is leftover day here too. My mom used to throw everything into a pot….sometimes the concoctions were rather strange, but well, we ate it anyway. I do the same. I was raised never to waste food….and I think my kids have learned that too. My son often phones and asks what leftovers we are having. Guess he wonders if ours might be better than his. LOL.Hope the weather clears for you soon.Take Care TG

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