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Just a note about my absence on this blog!

Just a quick head’s up about why you have seen no recent posts to this blog.  I am having problems publishing to this particular blog with Writer and as many of my friends on Spaces will be aware, I won’t post without it!
Hopefully with the Writer teams help, things will soon be sorted out and I can get back to updating you all about our recent exciting adventures, fantastic happenings, not to be missed excursions into the wild blue yonder, and other such stuff as my blog is usually full of. (In other words the usual boring lifestyle of a sad and morose individual  Mother/Granny who really needs to get out more!)  Crying
TG  Hope you can all stand the suspense until I am back on track again! But here is a taster of how thrilled my daughter is to be in my company.

16 thoughts on “Just a note about my absence on this blog!

  1. Actually I’m having trouble with everything today, getting anywhere,on here is taking ages!! Even on Chrome! I blogged today with writer and had no problem, is this a wide spread problem or just a hickup?

  2. Methinks Writer is simply temperamental and has a mind of its own! Bit like the Live team basically!Hope you get your prob fixed quick, I gave up and uninstalled it! Nice easy life!! Good luck ;))

  3. Just a very quick update about this. One of the Writer team has got back to me and apparently its a Windows Live problem, so they have forwarded my error message to the Live Team to try and sort out, whilst telling me to keep trying to publish. Do note that it only affects this blog, not my more techy blog nor my LiveJournal blog either. So its not a Writer problem.

  4. Hiya T.G. I use live writer for my own live spaces blog and have had no trouble at all, as yet. I do not let it take me to the blog automatically, but go there manually. Maybe that would help. Pen.

  5. I too use writer, but do get the odd glitch. On my other PC, it won’t load. I uninstalled it and started again. Same problem.Here on my laptop, It works and publishes with no problem Except, when I am actually writing, it often freezes up. I finish a sentance and have to wait… then after about a minute, it appears on the screen. Very annoying if I’m thinking or writing quickly.

  6. I also meant to say that I can’t work out how to get it to publish on my other blog at Blogger. So I copy and paste. I did take a look in the Help section… but I’m none the wiser!

  7. Jane I will help you with that as Writer works well with sites such as Blogger and LiveJournal, then you should be able to just do a post and like I do send the same post to both. I will do a How to for you Jane if you want me to about posting to both your blogger account and also a Space account. So let me know Jane won’t you?

  8. I don’t know if Jane has "system restore" on her computer or not. It came with XP and Vista (I don’t know if 7 has it or not). But if you are having freeze problems using any program (or viewing streaming video, for that matter) system restore is often the culprit. It uses up a LOT of resources. I keep mine turned off. OneCare comes around and turns it back on and then I turn it off AGAIN. (If it isn’t causing you any of these problems leave it on, btw…it IS a good program to have—but it isn’t ESSENTIAL. Not so long as you regularly back up your files (and your Favorite Links_ and such to an external hard drive or dvd-r or somewhere).But if I were Jane I’d check to see if that thing is turned on FIRST before worrying about "Writer" as such.

  9. Thanks Caeeandra for the advice. I am using Vista here on my laptop (XP on my desktop).Yes please Tec Gran.. Please explain how to get my posts onto Blogger when I’ve written it in writer. Thanks… Please email me so I don’t miss the entry!

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