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The Quest for a ……….read on!

Despite the fact that it is bitterly cold today , K and I have been out on one of our quests.  What on earth would tempt Technogran to venture out in the freezing cold I hear you all ponder. (or not as the case may be.)

Is it something that she has longed to own? Indeed, is it even for her?  Well actually you might have already guessed which one of us requested today’s shopping venture out in the frozen wastes of Yorkshire, and which one of us was the reluctant member of the party.  With an insistence that we must go today because life could not continue otherwise, K argued that she desperately needed a new towel and a new sweat shirt top to replace the one I recently insisted that she bin, simply because it was falling to bits, yet always seemed to be her chosen ‘item I must wear’ every time we ventured anywhere we really needed to make a good impression on someone. Sigh

Boy, was I glad that I had put my tatty hat on my head when we were stood at the bus stop patiently waiting for the bus to arrive.  We were headed to Bradford Forster square where we prefer to do all our ‘mixed bag’ shopping. Other people obviously had more sense that us, as it was pretty quiet as we made our way to TKMax for a hunt for a replacement  towel.  Of course the home items were upstairs.  Isn’t it always the case that no matter what item you are looking for, its always the furthest away from the entrance?  K ended up choosing a cream coloured bath towel to replace her ‘falling to bits’ yellow one and then we turned our attention to the replacement sweat shirt top by searching the two Sports shops on the Retail Park.

Her old one was a white Reebok make and so she focused her search on trying to find something similar.  Of course there wasn’t a duplicate to be found anywhere as it must be quite a few years since her old one was purchased.  She ended up in typical K fashion with two replacements (her excuse being that the sales were on) a grey one and a black one.   Also in typical K fashion, they weren’t from the women’s department but from the men’s.  (She prefers them baggy)  Trouble is that they then end up far too long in the sleeves for her, as in perfect harmony with her short legs, she has short arms as well.  We parents of Downs Syndrome children and adults are still patiently waiting for a clothes manufacture to make clothes that perfectly fit our offspring! 

Then we decided to do one of our ‘runarounds’ because we hadn’t done one for quite some time.  So we retraced our steps back to Forster Square railway station, and luckily didn’t have long to wait for the Leeds train.  As always Leeds station was very busy, and after making our way through the new ticket gates, K noticed that there were a lot of policemen stood at the side of the gates in a line.  In fact there were lots of them about all over the station. Now if there is one thing about my daughter, its that she is nosey.  She has to know what’s going on and can never be described as ‘backwards at coming forwards’ by any stretch of the imagination!

I knew exactly what she would do.  She went marching up to the tallest policeman in the ‘line up’ and boldly asked him, “What’s going on?”  and as usual got a friendly reply “It’s the football match and that’s why we are all here.” answer to her cheeky query.  Afterwards I bitterly regretted not taking a picture of her stood next to him in the line up as I could have placed all sorts of comical captions underneath such as ‘the long and the short arm of the law’ or ‘ spot the odd one out’ etc, etc.

We had our lunch in K’s favourite restaurant MickyD’s, which has been completely refurbished since our last visit but now lacks a loo. (Notice here dear readers that we seem to be having a bit of a ‘loo’ thread running through my recent posts made so far this year!)  Then K went and bought the tickets for the journey home and then after a visit to the loo, we sauntered to platform 13B for our train and on arriving back in our town, we caught the next bus home.  K is thrilled with her purchases (as she always is) and I have spent the time since trying to thaw out and composing this blog.

Hope it doesn’t bore you all too much!

TG I dont know




15 thoughts on “The Quest for a ……….read on!

  1. I love reading about the adventures you and K have. I am not sure I would go anywhere if I had to catch a bus to do it. Boy am I spoiled as I take my car for granted. You both have my admiration, that is for sure!

  2. I know what you mean Beth, my sister and brother both own cars and I don’t think that she would exit the door if she had to walk or catch a bus or train. I prefer walking though, if I could drive and afford to run a car I wouldn’t. The only weather I don’t like going out in is the rain for obvious reasons.

  3. Me too Beth! on all accounts!Ah TG, you can’t keep a girl away from a bargain in a clothes shop, my daughter would have done exactly the same!!

  4. l know it’s all a matter of what you’re used to. l would HATE waiting on the schedules of the buses and trains, but l have friends who thinks it’s no big deal. Cars are a big nuisance too with the cost of upkeep! l’m so dependant on my car. The best part for you TG is that you will walk all the shorter distances – so much healthier!

  5. Hi Technogran, I’ve only visited your site a few times, but never find your posts boring. In fact I find them really interesting and I love looking at your photos. I like the way you put them in your blogs. How do you put them in like that at angles? All I can manage is to just stick them in and that’s that 😦 but I really like the look of yours. Take care. Robyn

  6. Harmony, do you use Windows Live Writer to compose your blogs? Its available from here http://downloads.live.com I use that to compose my blogs and the pictures in this blog (the tilted Polaroid ones are done by using a Writer plug in. See my other blog for how-to’s on using this particular plug in inside your blogs. Here at http://gadgetgran.spaces.live.com When you download it from the Writer plug in site, you are warned about it, but its quite safe to use. Also notice that sometimes your writing to the side of the polaroid pic will be upset by the tilting, but this can easily be corrected by just adjusting the tilting angle of the picture. Have fun!

  7. Hey, TG! I just remembered something I have been meaning to ask both you and Jen. Do you ever listen to the radio? (Well, of course you do) over here in the States we have a favorite radio program called "The News Quiz: with Sandi Toksvig—I mean…it’s ON BBC Radio 4 but my friends and I never miss it. That and "The Now Show" which alternates with it are on our "Do NOT miss" list. (We were also huge fans of "Dead Ringers"). Just wondering if you listen.

  8. No way would I venture out to catch a bus or train in the weather we are having here. Today, been it’s pouring with rain and we have strong winds. The only reason I would have to go outside into the cold is to walk the dogs! But to go shopping – NO WAY!!!!Glad you had a good day out. This lack of Loos is becoming a problem. Why on earth an eating place would re-vamp then not keep the loo? Seems mad to me. Most people who stop for a meal and/or a coffee afterwards, are going to need a quick visit to the rest room.

  9. Cassandra, funnily enough to say it was all we had when I was a young girl I honestly don’t listen to the radio much at all. In my spare time I am actually either reading, on here or watching my recordings of TV that I have made with my PVR (like Tivo to you in the States, we refer to them as Personal Video Recorders or PVR’s here.)

  10. Ive been getting "your networks haven’t done anything new" (or words to that effect) all night on my home page ….is something afoot, I wonder?

  11. Good for K! It certainly is a nuisance that ‘off-the’peg’ clothes aren’t always what’s required. I bought two pairs of emergency trousers for myself last year after getting caught in a thunderstorm and torrential rain. I was on my way to Radio, being a Saturday. After a few weeks, I noticed the legs shrinking until I got sick of the sight of the trousers and replaced them! Cheap isn’t always cheerful. Glad K likes her new clothes, though.

  12. Nothing boring about your blogs :)) And this one was no exception. I’d love to have seen a photo of K with the policeman though!If this is what can be achieved with Live Writer it’s very impressive. I un-installed it off both the l-top and the web book a little while ago as it wreaked havoc with my web site (private site waiting to go live) Everything was fine with Live Writer out of the way so I haven’t risked it since. No idea why it shld have been a prob but that applied both on Vista Ultimate and XP (Home Ed) OS’s. Any thoughts on that one would be of interest if you find the time 🙂

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