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I’ve turned into a right Twit!

Of course there are plenty who know me who would probably agree with this sentiment and will say that I have always been a bit of a twit, but I am not talking here about my predisposition to often act like an idiot.  No, I am referring to my latest craze taking up my time, Twittering on Twitter.

When I first tried out Twitter  quite a while ago, I was honestly completely confused by the whole thing, and couldn’t see what all the interest and ravings were all about. To me, it seemed like a group of individuals (usually males) all talking in sentences to each other in a strange language that this Granma could not make head nor tale of.  Not only that, as a typical female who always tends to have a lot to say, I had real problems with being able to give an answer or converse with anyone using just 140 letters, and so kept ‘butting up’ against that limitation as well.  How could I possibly get said what I wanted to say in so few words?

My Twitter page


Most of the sentences that you read tended to be liberally peppered with strange symbols and words such as # @ bit, tinyurl, http, etc, but the most confusing part was that you could only see peoples answers to other people, you couldn’t see what they were actually answering or talking about, so a one sided view of a two part conversation, similar to listening to someone on the phone.  It didn’t make any sense!  I couldn’t make head nor tail of it, and so at first I couldn’t see what the attraction was or visualise that I would be able to use or take to it at all.  After all, how could you possibly follow anything when all you were seeing were sentences such as


1. yes thanks I found it.

2. What do you mean?

3. That’s alright then!

4. Thanks.

5. Is it? Hey that’s great! Thanks.

At first I tried to make sense of it all by reading the answer, then trying to go to the person’s page who was at the other end of the conversation,  but this didn’t always work as then I had to search amongst that persons ‘twitter’ conversations to find the first person whose original sentence I had read in the first instance.  (Hope you are all following this!)


But then my attitude towards Twitter began to  change.  I discovered Twhirl, a desktop application that allows you to receive, reply and view all of your tweets from your followers and those that you follow.  I also realised that there was quite a lot of useful information being ‘tweeted’ about which this info hungry Granny was interested in.  I was tending to see any new announcements on Twitter about new applications and new launches etc before it became available elsewhere!

Not only that, but I was also gaining followers despite the fact that compared to everyone else on there, I know precisely nothing!  wOOt!  For those of you who are reading this blog and are now completely confused and bewildered by most of this post, followers are other Twitters who choose to keep up with your Twitter posts.  You can then return the compliment by following them. I have had more snippets of information on what is going on via Twitter than via any other method, and now I am an avid user! 


I am now trying out another desktop application for Twitter that I really like called TweetDeck.  It is working really well with Windows 7.  It takes up a little bit more room on your desktop than Twhirl, and I have tried to make it smaller by cutting down the columns and making them narrower, but I do like it. It looks really good and I love the noise (a bird call) when you receive someone’s Twitter! 

So that’s my new must have social networking application (which of course also  shows in the updates whenever I post a TWITTER or anyone in my Network in my ‘What’s new with your Network’  on Windows Live as well!) 

The only big problem I am left still pondering over though is this:  what is the descriptive noun for someone who uses Twitter, is it a Twitterer or a Twit? 

Why don’t you give Twitter a try?

TG Open-mouthed


6 thoughts on “I’ve turned into a right Twit!

  1. I read this first on your Live Journal page… but couldn’t comment unless I ‘joined’. Interesting as I had been wondering about all these one-liner comments from Twitter. Don’t think I’ll join Twitter though! I hardly find the time to keep up with the blogs I like to read regularly… LOL

  2. Just popped over to catch up a bit, although I suppose I should be trying to write up some of Tessa’s blog.Pleased you enjoyed being in my old stamping grounds and yes there are lots of things to do and say for those interested in the historical side of things. The big problem is they are all a fair distance from each other and too far to walk around for those with mobility difficulties. The new museum is ok but the modernistic design of the entrance makes most people cringe.August is the best time to go over. The weather is almost, (don’t quote me), guaranteed nice and not too hot. No football crowds and nothing to cause the streets or places to be too crowded.Pleased you enjoyed your other trip, although it is a place I am not too keen on and hope that the tests and results from the inquisition prove positive.Take Care bothLove and WishesBarry

  3. Finally! Someone sheds light on the wierd and wonderful Twitter application popping up everywhere…..and making no sense at all to date!! I must admit I couldn’t quite see the point of it and as you said trying to say anything worthwhile in that few letters must surely be near on impossible!! Don’t think it’s a ‘me’ application at this time but it was very interesting info and enlightening too. It’s good to be able to make an informed choice about these matters! Some info on those custom blog thingy applications floating around would be good….

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