Two inches of snow and life grinds to a halt!

What is it with this country these days?  We used to be able to cope with anything, now just two inches (see pics) of snow and life as we know it just grinds to a halt!  Poor K is now stuck here at home with grumpy mum because day care stop all services as soon as they spot a snow flake, and as they were due to transport her to Respite Care which resulted in me not booking the Access bus for her, I am not well pleased.

Making footprints The transport service has contacted me since and have booked a taxi to take her there this afternoon, but I have had to warn her that if the snow continues she may not get there. (Cue sulky looks from her!) Mind you, we haven’t had it as bad as down south, where apparently London has now ground to a complete halt with no buses or trains able to run at all.

Hmm.  How on earth did we used to cope when I was a girl?  We experienced huge snow falls every winter where everyone had to literally shovel their way out of their houses to reach the road outside?  I don’t remember this ‘grinding to a halt’ going on then!  We still used to go to school, folks still went to work, so what exactly has changed since then?

Well of course!  Enter the penchant for everyone and their dog to have a car and drive everywhere!  So instead of your place of work being just down the road, its now only accessible via a journey by car. Same with the shops. Instead of being available on your local estate just a short walk away, its a supermarket ‘out of town’ and only reachable via a car journey. We have become a nation of ‘you must have a car to exist’ and this is why everything comes to a complete standstill because of a few snowflakes. And children today are so used to being taken to school in the car, that they wouldn’t dream of walking there, even if its not all that far.

We didn’t used to stop getting our daily lives because we weren’t reliant on driving where we needed to go, whether it be work, school or shop. So even if the snow was in six foot drifts, we carried on.  Mind you, so did public transport such as it was in those days. It took a lot to stop the local bus service and the trains as well. What has changed I wonder from then to now that causes the trains to stop running? They were steam trains of course in those days, but would be using the same track as today, so I really don’t know the answer to that question.

So daughter is now looking furiosly at me as if its all my fault.  (she has been outside to ‘make her footprints’ though!  LOL.)   I did warn her yesterday that this could happen if the weather forecast was correct, but as we have been warned about snowfalls before in this neck of the woods which have then never materialised, I suppose she thought that the same would happen again. Despite the fact that heavy snowfalls have been forecast, the gritter wagon has only just been around our estate road this morning, so no buses yet.

I have also had to cancel my appointment at the Huddersfield Infirmary for the assessment for the trial, (worried that if it continues I might not be able to get back home, although K reassured me that they would have a canteen there, as usual thinking with her stomach! LOL) and so I have made another appointment for March.  Hopefully I won’t get a repeat performance!

TG Surprised