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A new BBC weather site

As I haven’t much to blog about at the  moment, what with K being at respite and myself stuck indoors for the last few days, I thought I would let you all take a little peak at a new BBC weather site.  I was alerted to its existence via twitter (the BBC bods are on there and I follow them)

 My Weather

It really is worthwhile taking a look as it is quite ‘snazzy’ in design and also in how it portrays your local weather on the page in as many ways as there are available at this present time to show the weather.

Once you have inputted your local area either by inputting your town or city or your postcode, then you will see lot’s of different ‘modules’ which show your present weather for right now,the next four days, a BBC video of your local area’s weather, and a satellite view of your area.  In fact I think that they have provided on this beta page just about every way of showing your weather that is possible to do!



To get to this page, just navigate to http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/ then click on the beta at the top of the page to be taken to the new weather service page.   Do remember its in beta, so let the BBC know if you spot any problems.  I have saved it in my favourites as I think its really good (and with this weather at the moment very topical as well!)

Unlike some in this country I don’t hold with the belief that the BBC is a waste of money and that the TV license should be abolished, I think that the BBC gives good value. 

Have a go, and see what you think!


TG  Stormy Cloud


11 thoughts on “A new BBC weather site

  1. My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. My Old Man’s a Dustman. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. Come fair weather or foul.

  2. @Cassandra. That did it for me – "My Old Man’s a Dustman"! I fell over laughing! We shouldn’t do this to TG. Sorry, TG!

  3. I was amazed at just how many ways they had to show you/tell you your weather! Although the satellite view made me laugh as it was just a grey blob! Will be interesting to see it when its a clear day.

  4. On a more serious note: the BBC has a reputation for doing things in the grand style and this is no exception. Here in the States, of course, we have a gazillion television stations with weather forecasts and websites and so on of their own. The one I visit most often is KARE 11’s (that’s the local NBC affiliate) @ http://tinyurl.com/cf6tptNow if you click the tab that says "Weather" you get a series of options including the Weather Livestream which is Weather video that just runs on "all day and all of the night". And, of course, on the Weather Home Page there’s the radar option and all of that—"a custom forecast" you enter your zip (postal code—mine if 55407) to get your EXACT forecast.Great page when one is bored 🙂

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