Down to Town in the Snow.

This morning, I have ventured out into the wide white yonder to do some much needed shopping for food. Well, it was either that or slowly starve to death so no choice really.  The intention had been to go yesterday, but as youngest son did not show his face until well on in the afternoon, then that shopping trip was abandoned in favour of today first thing in the morning.


Of course the best laid plans of mice, men and Technogran resulted in us exiting amid another session of snow coming down, but I felt truly confident that hooked up to my trusty son I wouldn’t slip or fall down.  You see, I do not own a pair of boots.  Now before you all gasp in amazement, just recall that we have had hardly any need for boots during the past 14 or 15 winters, in fact you could very nearly go all year round wearing just sandals on your feet the past few years, so the fact that neither K or myself possess a boot between us shouldn’t really come as a big surprise, they just have not been a necessity really.

We have managed perfectly well bootless until this winter that is. So today’s trek down to Tesco’s had to be made wearing just my usual black shoes, which are not exactly endowed with tons of grip on the soles.  By asking my son to accompany me, I had presumed that if I felt at all unsafe, I could hold on to him.  Hmm. Trouble was with that plan, I had not countered on the fact that he doesn’t own any ‘snow grip’ shoes either, with the result that he was actually slipping about more than I!  So it actually turned out safer to keep my distance from said son in case he fell and pulled me down with him!


I took the camera down with me to get some snaps of the snow. (Well you never know, it might not snow again for another 15 years!) and captured some of my usual photo areas all covered in white.  Mind you Tesco’s seemed just as busy as usual this morning unless everyone was having to replenish their food supply in case of more snow on the way.

Back now thawing out. See you later!

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