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Down to Town in the Snow.

This morning, I have ventured out into the wide white yonder to do some much needed shopping for food. Well, it was either that or slowly starve to death so no choice really.  The intention had been to go yesterday, but as youngest son did not show his face until well on in the afternoon, then that shopping trip was abandoned in favour of today first thing in the morning.


Of course the best laid plans of mice, men and Technogran resulted in us exiting amid another session of snow coming down, but I felt truly confident that hooked up to my trusty son I wouldn’t slip or fall down.  You see, I do not own a pair of boots.  Now before you all gasp in amazement, just recall that we have had hardly any need for boots during the past 14 or 15 winters, in fact you could very nearly go all year round wearing just sandals on your feet the past few years, so the fact that neither K or myself possess a boot between us shouldn’t really come as a big surprise, they just have not been a necessity really.

We have managed perfectly well bootless until this winter that is. So today’s trek down to Tesco’s had to be made wearing just my usual black shoes, which are not exactly endowed with tons of grip on the soles.  By asking my son to accompany me, I had presumed that if I felt at all unsafe, I could hold on to him.  Hmm. Trouble was with that plan, I had not countered on the fact that he doesn’t own any ‘snow grip’ shoes either, with the result that he was actually slipping about more than I!  So it actually turned out safer to keep my distance from said son in case he fell and pulled me down with him!


I took the camera down with me to get some snaps of the snow. (Well you never know, it might not snow again for another 15 years!) and captured some of my usual photo areas all covered in white.  Mind you Tesco’s seemed just as busy as usual this morning unless everyone was having to replenish their food supply in case of more snow on the way.

Back now thawing out. See you later!

TG  Stormy Cloud Coffee-cup I dont know

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22 thoughts on “Down to Town in the Snow.

  1. If you’re not used to it it has to be one heck of an experience!!! I congratulate you on being able to endure it with such good humor! But then, you Brits are famous for that! The Blitz, Dunkirk, all that….you are admired the world over for that spirit!If Winston Churchill were alive today I’m sure he’d be saying "Give us the dogsleds and we will finish the shopping!"

  2. LOL. Yes but Cassie, what would we brits talk about if we hadn’t any weather? You can guarantee that its the chief topic of conversation no matter where you are, supermarket, bus stop, street, etc. And I don’t just mean when its snowing, I mean all the time! LOL I like your new name Cassie, its easier for this Granny to type! LOL

  3. LOL l completely understand why you don’t have boots. Boots are awful! Granted they do prevent you from slipping lol. l’ll bet he was slipping more because he was going a lot less cautiously!You’ve got to enjoy it while you can TG, that rain will be back soon! And l would be in sandals too if l could!! Good post!

  4. Oh gosh it’s the same here, always the weather. ALWAYS! The snow, the cold, the heat, the humidity, the storm coming, something . . .

  5. Welcome to our world TG. Snow!! I was amazed when I saw the pictures on the news about the snow in London and other parts in the UK. Now that I think of it…snow really is a rare event (I often wonder why that is). I used to have friends in Manchester, Liverpool, and London….when they came over here for a visit in the wintertime they just loved cavorting in the snow.Take care…enjoy it while it lasts because no doubt the rains will come.Be careful when you venture out in that slippery stuff.Wonderful pictures.

  6. Snow, I hate it and I don’t own a pair of boots either. I just clunk through the snow in my new balance tennies.Stay safe!

  7. Pardon my ignorance Beth but what are ‘new balance tennies?’ I have never heard of them? K is after a pair of those fawn coloured boots that all the young uns’ seem to wear even when the sun is cracking the flags, so we might go and get ourselves a pair on her return.

  8. "New Balance" is an awesome name in walking shoe TG and they are close to slip proof. l went out yesterday in my Reebock walking shoe and was ok in the snow as well. They have good soles. l think she means tennis shoes.Of course they wont keep your ankle warm if the snow gets up that high – but much more comfy than boots!!

  9. Came here through bethmarie’s blog. I loved your pictures… I wear New Balance brand shoes all the time.. They are the only ones that I can wear… Now, of course, only on one foot… hugs, lottemae

  10. I see! Well I must lead a very sheltered life because I have never heard of them! LOL will have to do a live search for them. Are they expensive to buy? I am a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to buying anything to wear. Can spend 100’s on a new computer or a new piece of AV equipment but clothes and shoes, no, they must only be less than £20! LOL

  11. Like anything it depends where you get them, they are not cheap – they are a good shoe. l consider myself lucky if l find a pair for $70.That’s Can. dollars. Range from super lucky sale price $50. up to $130.New Balance, and the Rebock l have now are great for walking in. They have a hard, stable heal. l hate a cushy, bouncy heal – makes walking harder. Bouncy heals are for running.

  12. Hmm well have done a search and found some online. Looks like for a ladies walking shoe you are talking £60. Bit of a difference to the £10 to £15 for a pair of those fawn boots I was thinking of getting! Gulp! Mind you, the amount of walking I do, it might not be a bad idea. (well when its not raining,slippy etc) Trouble is, if I get a pair for myself, you can bet your bottom dollar that madam K will want a pair as well! So that would end up at …………………………………………….£120! Pheww!

  13. Snow grip shoes don’t work! They just give a false sense of security ensuring you go four paws up on the ice the minute you take your eyes off the ground! Recommend a skate board…. or a team of huskies!

  14. Thanks Europa! That’s saved me a bob or two then! So I am just as well trotting off to Town wearing my slippers! LOL. Will post later if we get some boots. (mind you, as soon as we fork out for some boots knowing Technogran’s law, we will never ever see any snow or ice ever again!

  15. Hmm….lol…..could be cheaper than feeding the huskies! But slippers?!! lol…. I can feel frostbite of the big toe setting in! lol…

  16. I know exactly what you mean about the shoes and prices TG. You can get some quality walking boots from JJD Sports at the moment for under £20.00. Sizes being from 1 – 11. I got a new pair last week.Enjoyed your blog, and I and the dogs are enjoying this weather as best we can. The down side being getting the snow off my disability scooter when we get home before it floods the hall.Take CareLove and WishesBarry

  17. I wonder if you have your boots yet? It is best to get a non-slip boot in this weather.Being a horder, I have a pair of white wool lined boots that are made for the snow. I’ve had them over 30 years now!!! LOL

  18. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. Hmm, might take a treck out on one of out quests then next week when K is back here to JJD sports. That sound like more my sort of price, especially as we might only need them once every 15 years or so! Yes Jane, will be especially looking for and concentrating all efforts on ‘none slip’ soles (or K will)

  19. love your piccy’s Technogran hope you get some snow shoes soon, or maybe you won’t need them ??who knows. take care xx sheila

  20. I live where it snows every winter and you know what I don’t have a pair of snow boots. Like you I like to slip and slide!! LOLSeriously, if it snows I stay in and make hubby go out. Hope you have thawed out and the pictures are great. have a good weekend. Hugs, Pat

  21. Agree with you about the boots, TG, I only have my wellies (slippery), or a pair of moonboots inherited from an aunt (grotesque). We have yet to get our snow, so no problem, so far. I remember my mother used to put a pair of thick socks on top of her shoes for grip, when we lived in the fozen south many years ago.

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