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Britain in the Snow

It’s not often it occurs in Britain, its been the talk of the nation, it’s stopped the country in it’s tracks, but as usual, we Brits can always make the best of a bad situation and see the funny side!   Here for your delight are some fantastic pictures that people up and down the country sent into the BBC.

They really illustrate both the beauty of a snow scene, and our famous ‘offbeat’ British humour.  Hope that you all enjoy them.



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7 thoughts on “Britain in the Snow

  1. I first saw the above and the photos on Live Journal… Is thatanother blogging spece you have found? I like the way the photos opened up on there.

  2. Jane I have blogged for some years on LiveJournal, its my ‘other blog’ and I send posts to there and this blog on Spaces. The only problem with LiveJournal is it doesn’t have a good photo uploader so I have to first put them on Flickr where I have an account for all my photos, then put a link into my LiveJournal blog so that all my friends on there can just click on it to be taken to my Flickr album so the photos you saw are not on LiveJournal itself but on Flickr.

  3. Yeah l saw on The Weather Network that you guys ended up with a lot of snow – the 1st day you blogged and posted pics it didn’t look like much, but just kept coming for you. Not easy when you don’t have the equipment to handle it.

  4. Hi TGLove the pic’s of the snow, i particularly like the one with the cat looking out the window….speak soonLove as always xxx

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