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An Eventful Week

As I have been neglecting this blog to some extent recently, I am going to try and make up for that omission by posting this today in order to make amends. It’s been a funny and actually full and eventful week, beginning on Monday with K’s arrival home from Respite Care.

Oh dear K! You don't look at all well!

She was absolutely choc a block with cold and therefore had a blotchy red face which generally denotes that she is under the weather. (Just to fill my readers in here about the rather subtle differences in Down’s Syndrome folks to ourselves, they are almost the opposite of us in facial appearance when ill, as they tend to exhibit rosy cheeks and a mottled appearance which most of us would associate with being full of health, whereas we mostly tend to look pale when ill) She insisted on still attending Day Care though so I made sure that she went well wrapped up against the cold.

Then on Thursday we celebrated my eldest grandson’s 18th birthday with a visit to Bradford to the Gala Casino which was his choice of venue for the event. Now I have honestly never been inside a Casino before, I have only ever seen one either on the TV or in films, so it was a new experience for this Granny. Although his friend was supposed to attend as well, it turned out to be just the four of us, my grandson, his Mum, K (who would have insisted on attending this event even if at death’s door, as it was to include a meal! smile_eyeroll) and myself. We all met up at the Interchange, they came by train, and we arrived via bus. Of course they hadn’t really done their homework properly regarding where the actual intended venue was situated in Bradford (my Grandson was blamed for this oversight) resulting in us searching around the near vicinity to the Interchange where he thought the Casino was situated,  to eventually finding it some 15 minutes later.

At that stage it had begun to snow, and panicky Gran here was beginning to get a little concerned that on spending some time inside this Casino, we might end up snowed in, or at least unable to get a bus home if they stopped running. Once inside it, we had to become members (this was free thank goodness) and following signing in and having our photo’s taken for our membership cards, we then proceeded upstairs into the Casino.

Hmm. There were just a handful of people inside and that included the staff!  No one was playing at any of the tables and even worse from K’s point of view, there was no sign of a restaurant either!  We had each been given vouchers for £3.50 off our first drinks, and a free £10 bet. So we moseyed up to the bar to get served. This was when we found out that the actual tables did not open until 14.00pm, and so we had arrived far too early to partake of anything much apart from drinking! I tried some of the house white wine which was served in a very large glass and which went straight to my head with the result that after only three or four sips, I was feeling rather woozy! smile_whatchutalkingabout 

We decided after a quick confab to go up to a restaurant nearby called Frankie and Benny’s for our meal, a New York Italian restaurant and bar which came highly recommended by the very helpful girl who was serving behind the bar in the Casino. It was only a short walk from the Casino and so off we went, and despite the fact that we had to climb about 100 steps in order to exit the Casino in order to reach it, I don’t recall hearing a peep of dissent from K!  Inside it was actually very nice, and I had my usual Chicken Caesar salad which I really enjoyed and K had a Black Pepper Mayo Burger with chips. (and a vodka ice to swill it down! see pic.)


Following our meal we made our way back to the Casino, where we then used up our free bet on the now open Roulette tables.  By following the young man’s advice who manned the desk downstairs to bet on either black or red, we each won a fiver!  Following that ‘dabble’ at the tables, K and I decided that we would begin to make our way home,as although it had stopped snowing we didn’t want to take any chances of being stranded in Bradford. My Grandson and his Mum wanted to stay a little longer, but I begged him not to be tempted to lose all his winnings as he had just won £30.

She sent me a text later saying that they left shortly after us, as my Grandson’s friend had not turned up and they then decided to also make their way home. So a first for all of us and a new experience for this Granny, a flutter at the Roulette table and a memorable day for my Grandson! Wahoo!  Your never too old to try something new are you?

TG  plate beer

9 thoughts on “An Eventful Week

  1. I really enjoyed that Sandra, just like being there. You are a resourceful lot! Glad you didn’t end up out of pocket, and that you managed to track down a good meal.

  2. I am glad you had a good time… a new experience is always exciting… I think! Such a pity you were worried about the snow and getting home. Don’t stop blogging… A lot of us enjoy reading your blogs and hearing about K. Give her my love. Hope she is over her cold now?

  3. yes Jeffrey I am British! Explains a lot doesn’t it? LOL Thanks Bunny and Jane. Yes she is over her cold now, I was all for her staying indoors from when she arrived home Monday and not setting foot out of the door but she wouldn’t hear of it! I have no influence over her now at all, I just might as well talk to the wall! (and frequently do!)

  4. Never too old TG, …….. an 18 year old grandson? I see what you mean about time passing so quick! (I love playing roullette!!)Glad it was such a good day out for you and K! and thanks for your comment on my blog!

  5. Yes Tracey, I’m afraid that now this old doddering Granny and K have set foot in one, its just you! LOL Thanks for all your comments. We are off now to watch Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Prince Caspian in our jammies and drinking a bottle of wine for a belated Valentines day celebration, which obviously should have taken place last night, but was posponed by K as she will not miss her Casualty for all the tea in China. See you all later.

  6. Aint it the truth Techno! Hope you don’t get too much of a bug for the life of a high roller! Just catching up on my blogging buddies. Hope you have a great week. David

  7. Oh dear…I seem to have missed out on a lot more of your blogs than I realised! Don’t know quite how that happened….Knew about a couple but now I see I have a spot of serious catching up to do! So you’re a gambling Technogran now!!! Congratulations on making your first visit to a casino….a true woman of the world now!…lol…They obviously weren’t too keen for you to leave either if you had to climb 100 steps or so to do so! They even looked out for your fitness too!!

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