Well so far its looking good for K the Actress!

Remember when K went for an interview at Full Body and the Voice?  And how her ability to attend the audition trial week and subsequently the two year acting course if she was chosen all hinged on receiving help with transport?  Well I am pleased to announce that she has been granted transport for next week, and then if she is chosen for the acting course this will continue for the next two years. smile_teeth

On Friday we were invited to watch their very latest production at the Laurence Batley Theatre and we both really enjoyed the performance.  It had the desired effect that I had hoped for, as it fired up K’s forgotten enthusiasm once more for performing.  She can tend to be very reluctant to change the ‘status quo’ and to uproot herself from what she is doing at present and venture somewhere new, she has always been this way.

Laurence Batley Theatre Now that she has settled into the daily routine of the Day Care Centre and become friendly with all of the staff (which don’t forget, she wouldn’t attend for love or money for two years or so, no matter how much her social worker and I tried to persuade her!) she is somewhat reluctant to leave the cosy, familiar and comforting surroundings, but she has been assured that if she does get a place on the two year acting course she can still attend the Day Care Centre on Wednesdays, so this has appeased her somewhat that she isn’t actually completely leaving and can still attend for one day a week.

I also think that she had forgotten the whole atmosphere surrounding performing and the stage.  So I was glad to see her not only enjoying watching the play ‘That was then, this is Now’ but also being reminded of how much she loves the atmosphere, the lights, the taking part, the laughs, the costumes,  all of it.  She is beginning to get a little nervous about it now, which lets me know that she does want to make a good impression and qualify  for the two year acting course.

K outside the Laurence Batley Theatre

We were not allowed to take photo’s of the performance, and as a result I only took this one of K stood at the entrance of the theatre.  I am so happy that things seem to be working out for her, she was absolutely heart broken when it all came to an end at her previous acting school.    I am just going to be keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that her talent as an actress comes across to all concerned with choosing the participants next week.

Will let you all know how it goes, we will be informed if she has been selected or not on Friday next week.

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